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Sid Picks the Winners!

Well, the day has come.

Today we pick the winners of our BE COOL LIKE SID prize give-away. I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for this day – well get ready for the exciting results.

To make picking the winner as fair (and hilarious) as possible, I recruited Sid.

“Are you saying I have to get out of bed for this?”

His idea was to put bags of baby carrots in front of each person’s name and whichever bag he devoured first and second would be the winners. I modified his original vision slightly by reducing the “bags of baby carrots” to individual chunks of sliced apple and adding a third “consolation” prize of a Wigzi and potato for the LAST apple chunk he ate. He wasn’t too happy about my first change but decided he was still game. Sid will do anything for apples.

Here are the prizes at stake:

Here’s how the field looked:

And here’s how the mayhem all went down:

So our two winners (based on which apple chunks Sid ate, I mean SWALLOWED WHOLE WITHOUT CHEWING OR BREATHING, first and second) are:

DONALD & DAISY!!! (from Pug-a-Boo)


SCARLET!!! (from The Scarlet Sutras)

And our consolation prize for the LAST surviving apple chunk is…


Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners. Thank you all for your tips on how to stay cool this summer. We are definitely going to be using them as I’m sure we’re due for another heat wave soon.

Twenty-four Hours of Awesome!

The past twenty-four hours have been so awesome that we have TWO exciting topics to explore in today’s post.

First up, Miss Timothy Buttons came over last night with her parents and her brand new red Sherpa travel bag.  Her bag is just like Sid’s, except it’s Timothy-sized.

Yes, the bags are slightly different sizes, but we humans are bozos sometimes, and as soon as Sid and Timothy got inside the bags, we forgot which pug was where.  It’s in situations like these that a pug’s obsessive love of treats comes in handy:


Next, Sid woke up to find this package under the Pug Slope fiber-optic Christmas tree!

At first he thought Santa Pug had visited, but then he read the return address and realized someone even more awesome than Santa sent him this package – PAYTON!!

Sid wanted to open the package as soon as possible, but first he begrudgingly posed for a photo.

Inside the package were two wrapped presents and a little card!  Sid impatiently posed for another photo before unwrapping the gifts.

Seriously, guys. 

OMG, Payton!  An APPLE!  With a WORM!!!

Payton, it’s almost as though you regularly read a blog about Sid or something and know that apples are his FAVORITE things EVER!!

The apple toy was such a home run that Sid didn’t even wait to open the second present before going into full-on apple attack mode.

Sid quickly figured out that the worm comes out of the apple!  It’s like a mini puzzle toy!! He’s loves puzzle toys!!

When Sid finally calmed down from playing with his new BEST TOY EVER, we unwrapped the second present – a tiny Cuz!!!

Sid hasn’t quite figured out how to play with the Cuz yet…perhaps we can get some great photos and video of the amazing Miss Payton teaching Sid how to Cuz it up WHEN THEY HANG OUT NEXT WEEK IN CHICAGO!!!

Sid told me to say thank you SO MUCH to Payton and her parents for such an awesome and thoughtful surprise, and he can’t WAIT to learn how to Cuz from the master!!

Time to Rearrange the Furniture

This is NOT GOOD.

Okay, class, let’s look at all of the ways in which this video is terrifying:

A) Brian and I are RIGHT THERE!  We’re both in the room!  For part of the video, I’m 18 inches away from him on the couch!  In fact, Sid turns around and LOOKS RIGHT AT US multiple times throughout!  At least when he was stealing our Tupperware, he respected us enough to wait until we left the apartment!

B) The apples are a whole shelf HIGHER than the shelf from which he retrieved the ginger cookies!  We keep everything breakable and edible on those two shelves specifically because we thought they were not on his radar!  Now we have to worry about our dishes?!

C) Again, we are RIGHT THERE!  Have you no shame, pug?!

(Okay, in Sid’s defense, we aren’t exactly telling him to NOT climb onto the back of the couch.  But, in our defense, can you blame us?  We need to get this ridiculousness on film, people!  If this isn’t a blog-worthy moment, I’m not sure what is!  And, to our credit, all subsequent attempts by Sid to scale the couch and/or shelves have been swiftly cut short by the proper authorities.)

Father Son Weekend

Jenn went to Arkansas to visit her childhood friend this weekend so the boys took over the apartment.

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Birthday Boy!

Siddhartha Lamont Sanchez Demski turned five years old today!  According to this handy chart, that means he’s 37 in human years – Can you believe it?

To celebrate, Brian made a birthday cake out of Sid’s most favorite foods.  There was an apple involved, some peanut butter, and a few dried sweet potato sticks.

Sid waited patiently as Brian put the finishing touches on his birthday surprise.  And by “patiently” I mean: he was so keyed up he almost popped a vein.  Check out the manic expression in Sid’s eyes:

The finished product:

It’s a cake only a pug could love.

A birthday boy can’t eat his birthday cake without making a birthday wish:

I wonder what Sid wished for…

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