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Pug in the City – Washington Square Bark

Finally, we wrap up Sid’s epic trip to Manhattan.

Sid’s new friend, Fu, lead us to the brand-spankin’-new small dog park in Washington Square.

So many small dogs!

So many new butts to sniff!

So many new people to try to get frogurt from!

I ❤ NY!

After about an hour of running around like a maniac, Sid had to be carried out of the park.

Then is was time to give Grammy Grace a big kiss good-bye, and head back to Pug Slope.

Whew!  What a trip!  Can’t wait to do it again!

Pug in the City – Carry On My Wayward Pug

Hey everybody!  Part Two of Sid’s Manhattan adventure starts NOW:

So, Sid survived the subway, and after meeting up with Grammy Grace, Uncle Jay and Auntie Chiho in Washington Square Park, we made our way over to the West Village.

We were looking for a place to brunch, but stumbled onto a street fair / farmer’s market – dangerous territory for a food-crazy pug.

Luckily, we were able to get a table at a great wood-fired pizza place with outdoor seating before Sid noticed any of discarded churros or abandoned squash blossoms that lined the pavement around the farmer’s market.  We were seated right near the sidewalk so all the passersby could see that this was the place where the cool pugs eat.


After the meal, Sid was ready for a nap, but there was still more fun to be had!  Back to Washington Square!

Manhattan can be exhausting.  Some tired tourists make their way through central park in a horse-drawn carriage.  Others rest their aching feet in the back of a pedicab en route to a Broadway show.

Sid gets carried around Greenwich Village by his mother.


It’s okay, though, because he needed the rest.  See, he met a new friend out on the street, and his friend told him about this “spot at the bottom of the square where all the small dogs get their ya-yas out, and it’s real hush-hush, ya’see, but if you’re cool and speak their lingo, you might just find yourself havin’ a real good time – a real good time, if you catch my drift.  ‘Cause these small dogs aren’t like you Brooklyn small dogs.  These small dogs live in Manhattan, the island of opportunity, the island of down is up and up is down and who’s walkin’ who?  That’s right, Mom and Dad, I’m walkin’ you.  These small dogs eat treats for breakfast, and treats for lunch, and treats for snacks in between breakfast and lunch – and for dinner?  MORE TREATS.  So if you play your cards right and do what I do, you might just get a taste of what we’re cookin’ out here, but just a taste, my flat-faced friend, ’cause IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.”

Pug in the City – Sid’s Subway Spectacular!

So, we’ve finally wittled down the ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY PHOTOS we took of Sid’s Manhattan adventure into a slightly-more-managable three-part photo essay entitled “Pug in the City.”

Today we present part one – Sid’s Subway Spectacular!

One last Brooklyn smile for the camera before Sid hops into his Sherpa bag and heads downstairs into the 7th Ave station!


Sid gets carried deeper into the abyss.




Sittin’ in a bag on Daddy’s lap, playin’ it cool on the F train.


We made it to Manhattan!

“Hey!  I’m walkin’ here!”


We met up with Grammy Grace, Uncle Jay, and Auntie Chiho in Washington Square Park.


Sid just wanted to keep hangin’ out inside of on top of his bag, as if there was someplace else he wanted to go.


“Forget Carnegie Hall. How do I get to Carnegie Deli?”

This is Not a Toy

We want to start out with a little apology.

We normally like to get at least three to four posts up on the blog every week, but December has been a crazy month.  On top of the aggressive travel-bag training Sid has undertaken in preparation for his big trip on the airplane, I’ve been taking the Greyhound bus back and forth every week to my hometown upstate for a root canal – it was much less expensive than what I would have paid in Brooklyn but required THREE separate appointments with the endodontist.  Brian and Sid have been holding down the fort here at the Pug Slope Headquarters, but the general craziness of the past few weeks means the blog has suffered.

Anyway, my final trip upstate was on Tuesday, and Sid’s Grammy Grace sent me back to Brooklyn with a suitcase full of Christmas presents for her favorite grandpug. One of those presents was a cozy new bed, and we decided Sid could get that present early since we didn’t really have a place to hide it in our super tiny apartment.

Well, as you can see in the video below, Sid was a bit confused over this present.  Overjoyed, elated, and enthusiastically thankful, sure, but still…confused:

Eventually Sid either realized that the bed was indeed A BED and NOT a gigantic fluffy sheet of awesomeness meant to be hiked between his legs, or he thought that he finally hit the jackpot when it comes to sleeping on top of his favorite toys.

Thank you Grammy Grace for this fabulous gift!!

Weekend Road Trip

Well, we’ve got our pug packed up and are all ready for a weekend road trip to visit Grammy Grace and the other relatives upstate. We’re hoping the rental car has some really good A/C because outside, as Glenn Fry said, “The Heat is On!

Christmas Toy Round-up Part I

Sid sporting his Christmas finest

We had a great Christmas this year in NY, and despite our worries about surviving the winter weather, Christmas day actually turned out to be extremely clement (I write this as we are currently mid-blizzard – more on that in another post).

Sid ended up with two new puzzle toys that have instantly become his current favorites. One of these puzzle toys was a Martha Stewart Chicken Coop which has 3 tiny chicks that live inside of a plush house.

[ continue… ]

Law and Order: Spoiled Pugs Unit

On Saturday, October 9th, Siddhartha Lamont Sanchez Demski was found in his Park Slope walk-up, SPOILED beyond the legal limits set by the legislators of these five boroughs.

Let the evidence show that on that day, Grammy Grace came down for a visit with the sole intention of showering Mr. Sid with treats, toys, and snuggles.

Exhibit A –  Two (2) LARGE boxes of delicious, all-natural, organic, hypo-allergenic, wheat-free, meat-free, crunchy dog treats:

Exhibit B – A brand-new, seasonally-appropriate plush toy:

Exhibit C – A photo of Siddhartha with Grammy Grace at the Prospect Park Dog Beach:

Would a pug whose grammy wasn’t spoiling him with massive quantities of delicious treats and brand new plush toys choose to stand on a bench with her over playing in the water? Would he?!

(It’s at this point that the Assistant District Attorney realizes his case isn’t as air-tight as it should be.  He calls for a recess, gathers his detectives, and shouts, “I need more evidence!”  Then Benson and Stabler, or Goren and Eames, or Lennie Briscoe and whoever his partner is in whichever season’s rerun you’re watching, go back over the case and stumble upon the key piece of the puzzle, making a conviction inevitable)

Ladies and gentlemen of the court,

[ continue… ]