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Sid’s Dream Journal

In the comments section of Tuesday’s post, Suki wondered what Sid was dreaming about.

I mentioned Suki’s comment to Sid, and he suddenly got all weird and defensive and started guarding his bed while muttering something along the lines of, “I don’t know, Mom. I mean, come on. It’s not like I keep a dream journal or anything.”

Well, the pug doth protest too much, so I took a closer look at his bed and I found this:

Yes, that’s right.  Sid’s been keeping a dream journal.

I told Sid he’d get extra special treats today if he let me share a few of his dreams with you guys.  It was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

So, without further ado, here’s an actual page from Sid’s dream journal (click on image for larger size / better readability!):


Good News Squared

We have two news items to bring you up to speed on today – and we’re glad to say the news is good. The photo below should give you a clue.

The results of the biopsy on Sid’s “mutant toe” came back and it turns out that the small growth is in fact just a viral papilloma as Dr. Quim had originally thought and will go away on its own in a few weeks. That was a relief, especially after we read about Suki’s extra toe and the mention of the dreaded “c” word (thank you for the link, Suki – we’re so glad everything turned out well for you).

Sid’s little pal, Winston, is doing well and is over his bout of pneumonia. Here’s a little message from his parents:

Winston surely felt all the good juju out there. He breathed in steamy showers, got lots of rest, and figured out that he didn’t mind taking his medicine too much if it came disguised in peanut butter. He coughed a lot while we were on vacation, but that was good, and he is doing great now. Took him to the park for his first off-leash fun in weeks. I think he was happy to be back home, and not being chased around by a crabby, territorial 11-year-old Cairn Terrier who is his dog-in-law.

Thank you again for all the positive thoughts and “good juju” you sent. These sure are two lucky pugs to have so many people caring about them. It was good to see all the pug pack back together again this weekend in Prospect Park!


The image below represents Sid when we ask him to do something he doesn’t want to.

I can’t hear you…

On a more serious note:

Please keep Sid’s little friend Winston in your thoughts. He’s got pneumonia (in the summer!) and had to spend the last two nights at the vet’s office. We ran into his humans yesterday and they said he’s going to be on some antibiotics and should be fine soon – but, as Puglet says, he could always use some “good juju” sent his way.

Sid and the Pug-lettes

We realized recently that all of our posts about Prospect Park off-leash hours make Sid’s pug pack seem like a boy’s club.  Sure, Sid may be a bit of a man’s man, but the Prospect Park off-leash pug party is no Snausage-fest.

There’s a bunch of curly-tailed gals who have just as much snort-sneezin’ fun as Sid, Eddie, and Winston while running around the park like maniacs.

First, meet Timothy.  Yes, Timothy.

“What’s your problem? You’ve never met a lady named Timothy before?”

Timothy’s a tough-talkin’ no-nonsense sweetheart.  Her harness may be lined with titanium studs but her heart is lined with gold.

Then there’s Lily.  Fighting Irish fan and master of the toothy flap-flip.

Lily can run circles around the boys but that doesn’t stop her from showing off a fresh manicure…

or enjoying old-fashioned displays of chivalry while out on a walk. (Well done, Eddie!).

And finally, there’s little Lola.

This fun-loving girl-next-door is not only Eddie’s best friend…

she’s also apparently the pug equivalent of the Girl from Ipanema.

For real.  Winston, especially, can’t get enough of Lovely Lola.

And Sid can’t get enough of these Park Slope pugs!

Patriotic Pug Pack!

Sid was worried he’d be the only neighborhood pug at Prospect Park on July 4th.

But, when we arrived at the Long Meadow for off-leash hours, there were already six – SIX! – pugs running around like maniacs in celebration of our nation’s independence.

Eddie was there, leading the pack…

And Winston made his official off-leash hours debut!

The lovely Lola couldn’t get enough of Winston’s puppy energy…

And Sid’s friend Bruno brought along a new buddy…meet Pugsley!

If patriotism were measured in licks, snorts, and circular high-speed chases, these pugs would be right up there with Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin.

Get this pug’s face on a dollar bill, stat!

Prospect Park Pug Pile-Up

This Sunday we had a great time at the off-leash hours in Prospect Park. Many of Sid’s pug friends were also in attendance, including his buddy, Eddie.

However the real party was just getting started.

As we, Eddie, and his parents were on our way out of the park, in strolled a familiar face: Winston!

Sid pulled Winston aside and attempted to impart the ancient ways of treat acquisition, while Eddie explained the best technique for face licking.

Almost immediately, in walked another pug friend, Cosmo!

Cosmo started running and everyone else joined in the chase. At this point, it was starting to become difficult to tell everyone apart as they all had on blue harnesses (I think we ended up bringing the right pug home with us).

Of course, Winston ended up being the center of attention.


We can’t wait for next weekend!!!

Close Encounters of the Pug Kind

The weather in Brooklyn has been gorgeous lately, so the other day our friend Rob, a professional photographer, came along on Sid’s afternoon walk to stretch his legs, soak in the sunshine, and snap a few photos of the most adorable pug in Brooklyn. Rob took all the photos for today’s post. He’s obviously gifted when it comes to shooting photos of surly pugs, but his normal models are typically more…human. Check out more of his work here:

We had a nice photo session and Rob got some great shots of Sid among all the blooming flora. As we were leaving the park, though, we encountered something on the sidewalk that made Sid stop dead in his tracks.

Sid was confused. He thought he must have walked into a carnival and was staring into one of those funhouse mirrors. Across from him was a tiny smooshed version of himself!

He tiptoed in to get a closer look and sniff this reflection. He quickly discovered this wasn’t an optical illusion. This thing smelled like a pug, looked like a pug, and breathed loudly like a pug… It must be a pug!

Sid was baffled that something so cute and tiny could exist. We were, too. When Sid entered our lives he was already 4 years old, so we missed out on the puppy stage. We’ve never seen one this tiny in person.

His name is Winston. Sid was trying to sniff a little more but Winston was an excitable little fellow and was skittering all over the place. Pretty soon he was zipping away down the block.

When we got home, Sid felt a little worried we might “upgrade” to a younger model Pug, like Winston, and started googling phrases like “pug botox” and “nose-flap rejuvenation.” We gave him a big hug, disconnected the Internet, and told him not to fret because he’ll always be the cutest pug in our book!

(Thank you, Rob, for taking such great photos!)