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Hallowhere’s Ma Treatz?

Halloween is just a big tease. Humans everywhere, especially the tiny ones that poke at your eyes and try to grab your tail are practically DROWNING in treats. But what have I got? Just a photo of myself in a costume that’s a bit too snug in certain areas (memo to self: have Dad let out waist of Halloween costume).

My Dad brought home this gigantic bag of Monster Munch. I mean the stuff sounds amazing, right? Plus it’s made of potatoes which I’m pretty sure I can eat. However, he ate the ENTIRE BAG HIMSELF! I didn’t get to try even ONE FLIPPIN’ MUNCH!

This is outrageous.

Since it’s been raining all day today, I thought it’d be the perfect day to stage a Poop Strike. What’s a Poop Strike you ask? Oh, why it’s only the BEST WAY TO GET BACK AT YOUR HUMAN FOR SWINDLING YOU OUT OF YOUR FAIR SHARE OF MONSTER MUNCH. I’m going to make sure it’s raining hard when we go out for our evening walk. And then we’ll walk and walk and walk some more. By this point my Dad will be SOAKED TO THE BONE. And guess what I’m NOT going to do? Yep. Poop. It’s the sure way to drive a human bonkers. If any of you other pugs out there got the shaft this Halloween I suggest you do the same. And if you DID get TONS OF TREATS, maybe you could, you know, mail me some? Pretty please?

Wordless Wednesday: Capsized Edition

It’s Getting Stuffy In Here

This past weekend, two flat-faced fawn snort-beasts showed up on the doorstep of Pug Slope H.Q. They must have been brothers because they bore an uncanny resemblance to one another.

In an unusual show of generosity, Sid invited the smaller of the two pugs to play with his Wigzi ball.

The small pug didn’t respond. Sid was baffled. Sure, he had already thoroughly cleared the Wigzi’s pockets of all treats and peanut butter, but still, didn’t the tiny dude want to even sniff it a little? Had he never seen a toy before?!

Sid tried to sniff the little guy’s butt to see what was up, but the lack of any stink quickly confirmed Sid’s suspicion: this non-stinking-butt guy had NO PERSONALITY WHATSOEVER.

Sid’s attention shifted to the bulkier big brother. Perhaps this guy had some interesting stories to tell. Perhaps he was an adventurer, a rule-breaker. Perhaps he had munched upon delicacies more scrumptious than Sid could ever imagine.


Sid’s official conclusion was that the pair were a couple of “total duds”. He then proceeded to show them the door.


Sid and I are downright perturbed that Winter decided to come early to the Midwest this year. It was just last weekend that we were strolling through the park, enjoying the turning of the leaves, and now this:

Time to break out the wool coats, gloves, and Sid’s box of winter wear. Any of you Slopers in more clement climates looking for the company of a mustachioed human and an adorable carrot-loving pug? Let us know. It might be time for a road trip.


I don’t know why the term “pug-nosed” has a bad connotation. There aren’t too many things cuter than a pug’s nose.

Have a great weekend, Pug Slopers!

A Pop of Color?

I thought the cooler fall weather was what prompted Sid to wear a scarf the other day, but he said it was to add a “pop of color” to his harness.

He’s been watching a lot of What Not To Wear reruns and I think Stacy and Clinton have been putting ideas into his little pug brain.

Are any of you wearing scarves to stay warm this fall? Or just to add a pop of color?

P.S. If you haven’t had a chance to sign the petition to allow pets in carriers aboard Metra trains, please consider signing this weekend. Thank you for your support and have a wonderful weekend!

Birthday Week Wrap-Up

Hi there all you adorable Pug Slopers –

I’m totally knackered after a full week of partying for my 8th Birthday (which was technically on Friday). So this week I plan to SLEEP, EAT, and then SLEEP SOME MORE in order to recuperate. But first, I wanted to share some photos from all the B-Day festivities.

First, was my TOWERING Birthday cake that dad “baked” for me.

The cake consisted of alternating layers of sliced apple and peanut butter topped with a FULL-SIZE CARROT (a significant upgrade to the baby c’s I am known to devour). To “fancy it up”, he placed some raspberries around the perimeter. He knows I’m not 6 years old, but said he ran out of raspberries (I’ll forgive him). I couldn’t wait to eat the cake. I stared goggle-eyed at the creation as it was being built on the kitchen counter. I may have even whined like a puppy the whole time.

Next was a fresh new toy – a skinny squirrel with squeakers at both ends. I take pride in my ability to crustify any new toy no matter how soft and fluffy it initially is. After a couple days of intense chewing and hiking it through my legs, the squirrel now has crispy saliva-spiked fur and both squeakers have been silenced. I’m a professional, kids, don’t try this at home.

As a grand finale to Birthday week (which technically extended into this week because Dad took the day off on Monday), we went to the Foster Dog Beach! I got to run around like a maniac on the sand and also swam some laps in Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, I was too exhausted to edit together a sequel to PUGWATCH, so you’ll have to use your imagination with these still photo highlights:


All in all, it was a total blast and I can’t wait for my next Birthday! I hope you all got to celebrate along with me and get some EXTRA TREATS!