You Can’t Handle the Cute!

Sid and Timothy had another “date” last night, this time at Timothy’s pad.

Sid wanted to look “sensitive yet tough” for his motorcycle mama, so he channeled The Boss:

Eat your heart out, Bruce Springsteen.

When we arrived, Timothy was dressed like so:

The complimentary outfits were not planned. I swear. But they were ADORABLE.

Things immediately took an unexpected Shakespearean turn when Timothy and Sid set out to reenact the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.

It was quite moving, which made Sid’s insistence at cleaning out poor Timothy’s already-clean ears afterwards a little more…palatable.

Note to Sid – Obsessive focus on the cleanliness of her ears is not the way to a lady’s heart. And, no, the fact that you find her ear wax to be delicious does not help your case.

So, yeah, most of the photos from the rest of the night involve Sid shoving his tongue in Timothy’s ear canals. A good time was had by all!

“That which we call ear wax by any other name would taste as sweet.” – Sid Shakespug

“I think my ears are stuck this way.” – Timothy Buttons

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7 Responses to “You Can’t Handle the Cute!”

  1. avatar Macho Says:

    Sid.. Man I like your style. I’m surprised you didn’t have all the ladies swooning getting to your date.
    And may I say your lady looks mighty fine. And she looked blissful when you were “cleaning” her ears. We’ll let the pawents think that. But nice move man..


  2. avatar Suzy Says:

    That MIGHT be the cutest thing ever! And hey, whatever works for ya, Siddy 🙂

  3. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    Bruce Pugsteen! That Timothy is a squee fest. You two make a darling couple. Is there a wedding in the works? Too early?

  4. avatar Payton Says:

    Sid, you are right. I’m not sure that I was prepared for quite that much cuteness! Where do I start? Your resemblance of the Boss is uncanny! And that Timothy has just beat me in my own game by claiming the “girl next door smile” award in the last photo. (Is she holding a Skinneez rabbit?) But the best, sweetest picture is the Shakespug inspiration. My heart is just melting…oh, to be Miss Buttons. *sigh*

  5. avatar Eddie the Pug Says:

    Man, I am sooo jealous! Keep us posted on the romance…
    Eddie the Pug
    Does Timothy have any travel plans to visit CA?

  6. avatar Kitty+Coco Says:

    Oh man, you and T. Buttons are totally on the best dressed list. Your date was sigh worthy (in a good way). Perhaps leave a little ear goo for the next date though.


  7. avatar Nancy Jo Brown Says:

    As Timothy’s Grandma I look forward to meeting you when we drive in from Michigan in Oct. I totally aprove of this budding romance. Sid is such a well mannered young man!! Nancy Jo and Uncle Harry Terrier and Aunt Blossom Beagle.

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