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Sid Picks the Winners!

Well, the day has come.

Today we pick the winners of our BE COOL LIKE SID prize give-away. I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for this day – well get ready for the exciting results.

To make picking the winner as fair (and hilarious) as possible, I recruited Sid.

“Are you saying I have to get out of bed for this?”

His idea was to put bags of baby carrots in front of each person’s name and whichever bag he devoured first and second would be the winners. I modified his original vision slightly by reducing the “bags of baby carrots” to individual chunks of sliced apple and adding a third “consolation” prize of a Wigzi and potato for the LAST apple chunk he ate. He wasn’t too happy about my first change but decided he was still game. Sid will do anything for apples.

Here are the prizes at stake:

Here’s how the field looked:

And here’s how the mayhem all went down:

So our two winners (based on which apple chunks Sid ate, I mean SWALLOWED WHOLE WITHOUT CHEWING OR BREATHING, first and second) are:

DONALD & DAISY!!! (from Pug-a-Boo)


SCARLET!!! (from The Scarlet Sutras)

And our consolation prize for the LAST surviving apple chunk is…


Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners. Thank you all for your tips on how to stay cool this summer. We are definitely going to be using them as I’m sure we’re due for another heat wave soon.


Poor Sid.

When he got up from his bed to follow me into the kitchen (ever hopeful that I’m going to give him something to snack on) one of his toys got hooked onto his tail.

As one would expect, hilarity ensued. I was able to grab the camera to catch a few action shots of him wildly spinning in a futile attempt to get his jaws on his green alligator. He did eventually get the gator in the end.

I guess there is perhaps a downside to having a curly tail…

P.S. There’s still time to enter the “BE COOL LIKE SID” give-away. Just visit this past Friday’s post (click here) and leave a comment with your favorite way to stay cool during the summer. We’ll be picking the winner tomorrow!

We can do what now?

We can finally go outside now? For more than 5 minutes?


There are so many spots I haven’t been able to sniff in AGES! I’m so glad temps have finally got closer to the tolerable range for us pugs. While I do enjoy my time indoors (napping, eating, chewin’ on my antler, eating again, sleeping, etc.) it’s hard not to get a little cabin fever (especially when your human works from home is CONSTANTLY in your face). I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

I also just wanted to personally encourage you all to enter my “BE COOL LIKE SID” super-duper prize give-away. I know you guys would just LOVE these prizes. Especially that Wigzi ball. You do need your human to supply the peanut butter, but you guys all know how to manipulate your humans already, right? Of course you do!

To enter to running for the give-away, just visit my last post and leave a comment with your favorite way to stay cool during the summer – those that have entered have already given me some great ideas (pool party anyone?). I’m going to announce the winner on Friday so make sure you leave a comment before then.

Now get off the computer and go outside – catch up on your backlog of sniffing spots!


Want to be COOL LIKE SID?

In response to the heat wave that is practically turning everyone’s home into a sweat lodge, Sid and I thought we’d do something fun to take your minds off the oppressive heat.

Something cool…

That’s getting close but not quite COOL enough.

How about THIS COOL?

Whoah. I don’t  know about you but the hair on my arms just stood up.

Sid told me he wants everyone to feel as cool as he feels each and every day so he’s inviting two lucky winners to “BE COOL LIKE SID”.

The two winners will each receive a package of prizes (paw-selected by Sid himself) guaranteed to increase the coolness factor of any dog. Sorry humans, Sid considers us a lost cause.

To enter the give-away, please leave a comment on this post with your name and favorite way to keep cool during the summer.

Sid will pick the two lucky names out of his aviator hat next Friday July 26th.


It’s Chew Time!

After months of barely even touching his deer antler, this weekend Sid finally decided it was time to get down to some serious chewin’.

Anyone else out there a fan of the deer antlers?

One-Word Wednesday: Joy!