Starting New Year’s Eve, Chicago (and pretty much everywhere else) got bombarded with snow for 48-hours straight!

Sid’s been such a trooper through all this, and even though he was born and bred in Southern California, he’s been bucking up and going outside in the frigid January air to do his business. We’ve been forced to stick to brief walks – basically to the front of the apartment building or to the backyard.

Thank goodness for our awesome landlords (and most of our neighbors) who shoveled the sidewalk immaculately, otherwise I’m sure I’d have a full-fledged poop strike on my hands.

Sid wanted to do an “artistic” photo to show his feelings about these brutal temperatures. He happens to be doing his famed “Tripod” in this one. Don’t worry, though, he got a top-notch paw-warming by yours truly immediately after the photo was taken. STAY WARM, PEOPLE (AND PUGS)!

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8 Responses to “F-F-Frrrrreeezing!”

  1. avatar Angel Payton, Donald, and Daisy's Gampy Says:

    You too, Brian (and Sid)! Up to 10″ predicted by Sunday nite and -15 temps. Nothing new to you guys but horrific to us “southerners” in the St. Louis area!

    Steve (Gampy)

  2. avatar Noodles Says:

    Oh my Sid! I have NO IDEA what you are going through. It is close to 70 degrees here. And sunny. But the air quality is poor.
    Keep warm.
    Love Noodles

  3. avatar Idaho PugRanch Says:

    we have had quite enough of winter already. It has been milder here the last few days, but supposed to get very cold again. ugh!
    stay safe and warm!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  4. avatar stella rose Says:

    we told our mOM SHE should buy stock in pee pads cos here in iowa we freeze pee midstream.
    stella rose

  5. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    TOO MUCH SNOW! We had to be pushed outside this morning with no snow, just cold. All that snow? No way. Potty pads are the way to go.

  6. avatar tweedles Says:

    Oh Sid,, I know your little footies get sooo cold when you have to go outside to go potty! Gosh! But it makes me happy to see you have a nice sweater! Your so beutiful!

  7. avatar Meredith & Scarlet Says:

    Scarlet has mastered the tripod and has been fighting going out like a champ. So far she’s winning…

    Stay warm Handsome Sid!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. avatar Payton's mom Says:

    I know it’s cold, but these pictures of you make my heart warm.

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