Sid’s New Favorite Spot

Well, as you may be able to tell from the majority of the posts this winter, Sid, like us, is a homebody. Not content with just being inside the home, he must at all times be stretched out horizontally with his head propped up on something or someone (see The World is Sid’s Bolster). However, the slight elevation of outside temperatures and the anticipation of Spring has made the notion of going outside for daily walks slightly more bearable for the little dude (and for us as well).

Since we live so close to Prospect Park, we take Sid there at least once a day – usually in the mornings. We have a few set routes that we follow which Sid seemed pretty happy with. But, this past week, all that changed when Sid found his new favorite spot.

Throughout the fall, leaves were Sid’s obsession. A pile of fallen leaves beckoned to him like the Sirens did to Odysseus. But after a few months, the leaves had become old hat and he moved on to a new passion: MULCH! This explains why Sid’s new favorite spot is the landscaped area around the Harmony Playground which recently received a fresh dousing of the woody goodness.

He loves trolling the entire area with his head mere millimeters away from the mulchy surface. After much deliberation and back-and-forth, he’ll determine the ideal place to do his business.

Sid has always done a celebratory set of little “kicks” when he finishes doing his business – similar to the way a bull does before it charges the matador. However the mulch has brought out the little beast in him and he has a whole show that he does now. After a few sneezes and head-shakes he starts the kicking portion. Sometimes he’ll kick so much that he actually starts moonwalking. It’s really hard not to laugh.

All in all though, we’re really happy to be able to spend some more time in the park with our favorite little high-kicking pug.

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