Winter’s Back (sigh)

View out our window - more snow!

We’ve been had! The 60-degree spell we had here about a week ago turned the rational part of our brains to mush. Even though it was only mid-March, summer clothes were immediately unearthed from storage bins, outdoor seating at restaurants filled up faster than they could supply seats, and the park was packed with people enjoying the pleasant, sunny weather. Spring was here!

A couple days later, it snowed.

Luckily, this dusting of (abnormally large!) flakes was nothing compared to the blizzard we had in December. This snow didn’t even stick. That being said, it still is poor timing considering I already packed away my puffy winter coat for the the season.

Sid continues to hibernate until Spring really arrives

Confused as ever, Sid has resigned to hibernating until June. He just doesn’t want to be fooled again.

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