Sid’s New Year’s Resolutions?

I found a list tucked away in Sid’s bed.  It was hard to read the paw-writing, but from what I could decipher, it read:

“Resolutions for 2011:

1. Eat more food.

2. Eat more treats.

3. Figure out how to climb to the top of the fridge where the food and treats are stored so I can eat more food and eat more treats.

4. Figure out where they hid the Tupperware.”

Happy New Year’s from Brian, Jenn and Sid!

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  1. avatar Jim Says:


    Enjoyed a lovely dinner in La Grange with my cousin Tom and his wife, Mary. They informed me of your website but did not convey a true sense of the dignity and poise that emanates from you. Be ever tolerant of Jenn and Brian. They mean well, I am sure. Dogs must be patient with their so-called “managers.”

    JimKozicki (I suppose I am kind of your 3rd Cousin)

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