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Hanging with Mom

Sid may act tough, but he’s a momma’s boy at heart. Sid and Jenn spent a good chunk of the weekend snuggling while catching up with Law and Order SVU on Netflix instant. We’ll spare you the audio portion which consisted of various lyrics about Sid set to the tune of the show’s theme song and sung in falsetto by Jenn and me.

More Sid Sketches

I’ve been working on some more sketches of Sid. Here’s a few for your enjoyment. I tried to capture a few of his typical poses/personas:

1. “Little Sad Guy in the Bath” (above)
2. “Chilled Out Dude on a Pile of Pillows” (below)
3. “Stubborn Little Bugger Who Doesn’t Want to Walk” (bottom)

Play Time!

Sid is known for being a very serious dog; he’s not a tail-wagger. When he’s at the dog park, he usually takes on the policeman or bouncer role, ensuring that no dog is having too much fun. Occasionally, though, he’ll cut loose and play like a puppy. This usually happens immediately following bath time.

So here it is: Photographic evidence that Sid can actually have fun and play like a normal, well-adjusted dog.

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Sid Comics

Sid bolting down the street - side view

I recently enrolled in a continuing education class at the School for Visual Arts called “Cartooning Basics” to brush up on my drawing skills. I used to draw a lot more when I was a teenager but hadn’t really kept up with it. Lately I got the urge to get back into it and thought a class would be good motivation.

Since Sid has a very expressive face and is always apt to do things in a comical fashion, I thought he’d be a good subject. Here’s a couple frames of him dragging me behind him as he rushes home after successfully completing his “business”.

Look forward to more drawings and little comic strips starring your favorite Park Slope pug.

Pug Glamour Shots

On Saturday morning, I came across Sid and Brian taking a nap on the couch.  The light was great, so I grabbed the camera and started snapping away.

Of course, as soon as I started taking photos, they both woke up.

And as soon as they woke up, Brian got a phone call, and had to leave poor little Sid all alone on the couch.

Snuggle time was over, but the light was still nice, so I suggested to Sid that we take some fancy photos to share on the blog. Being a pug of extreme vanity, Sid complied, but being a pug of extreme laziness, he started to fall asleep halfway through the photo shoot.

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Under Cover

Sid Under Cover

Sid’s never been a secret agent, but he’s definitely gone under cover. The frigid cold of an East Coast February combined with continually seeking out methods to make us go “awwww” has prompted Sid’s journey into this uncharted territory.

It started out as a little half-hour cuddle time before we’d go to sleep, at which time he was then (reluctantly) placed into his own bed – the ela-bed. But, as evidenced by the photo – shot during daylight hours – it has gone well beyond that. Well, I can’t actually put all the blame on Sid, since it was me that put him under the covers. Though, you have to admit, the little dude does seem quite at home there.

Sid takes over our bed

The World is Sid’s Bolster VI

Sid uses my feet as a bolster

The sixth installment of TWISB:

Clearly Sid has a different interpretation of the command “heel”.