Let Me Clear My Throat

Sid serves as a great heating pad

I’ve been sick all weekend and luckily I had Jenn and Sid around to help nurse me back to health. They made sure I got plenty of rest, plenty of soup, and plenty of face-licking. I’m almost back on my feet but my normal voice has been replaced with a very deep, raspy whisper. I sound similar to a washed-up chain-smoking Hollywood starlet well past her prime. I apologise to anyone who tried to call me and thought they had mis-dialed.

Even though we all live in close quarters here, surprisingly no one else in the the house got sick. Hopefully by tomorrow PugSlope HQ will be up and running at 100%.

P.S. This photo also shows Sid’s recent foray into uncharted territories – under the covers. More on that to follow!

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2 Responses to “Let Me Clear My Throat”

  1. avatar erin Says:

    Sorry to hear you were sick. I was sick last week myself and am just starting to get over it. It’s one of those clingy coughs that just won’t go away! Hope you feel better soon. PS I love the video of Sid eating the dog food on Easter-hilarious!

  2. avatar Brian Says:

    Sorry to hear you had a similar bug. Yeah, my voice has been pretty much gone since Friday. It’s still not back even after multiple swigs of Tussin. Tea with lots of lemon seems to be helping the best. Glad you liked the videos!

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