Twilight Time


Hiya Pug Slopers! My, aren’t you looking lovely/handsome today.

I went for an awesome walk yesterday after dinner and wanted to tell you about it. I love going for walks as the sun is setting because (some days) the colors of the sky are incredible!

It’s still pretty dang cold outside – which is why I’ve got TWO layers on – but the wonderful golden hues help keep my mind off my chilly toes. I know some of you guys and gals wear boots but not this pug. Trust me, my dad has tried. I like my tootsies naked.


When is your favorite time to go for a walk?

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6 Responses to “Twilight Time”

  1. avatar tweedles Says:

    Hi Sid,,,, oh so smart of you to be bundled up so warm and toasty! I do that too!
    And I understand about naked footies,, mine like to be naked too.

  2. avatar retro rover Says:

    we like early saturdya or sunday morning but twilight is lovely too and in the summer we love a walk in down town jersey city in the evening when we can see the Manhattan skyline

    retro rover

  3. avatar stella rose Says:

    WELL Sid our mom is wayyyy to lazy to take us for a walk that is why she is on probation right now…..hers had better change her ways before it gets warm enuf for us to go walk out at the lake…we nevers wear boots either cos we are county hick pugs…well Angus says he is not but he is.
    stella rose

  4. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ (@MeredithLeBlanc) Says:

    We like naked tootsies too Sid, we can’t wait for summer. Until then, only Scarlet gets to go barepaw.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    We have a yard so we don’t go for walks that much. Which, in this season, is just fine by us. We don’t like it cold or wet. Or too hot. Because of that, our paws are not up to the task of walking in a city. So, if we were to walk in the snow/cold, we would be wearing Pawz. Grudgingly.

  6. avatar Payton's mom Says:

    Donald likes a walk anytime the weather cooperates! Very cool shots of a cool dude, Sid.

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