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When Sid’s inside at home, I usually remove his collar so he can “relax” and free himself from the daily reminder of who is in charge in our relationship (OK, who am I kidding, we all know HE is in charge). The other reason why I remove the collar is to prevent his absurd amount of neck scruff from billowing up into something resembling a Lion’s mane.

At first, I figured I was doing him a favor, as one might be embarrased by the comedic look of a ginormous neck roll, but considering the size of Sid’s ego I’m sure he thinks it makes him look like a bad-ass.

More Special Guests!

Sid’s been the center of attention since his b-day earlier this month, and amid all the craziness of 1000 Pugs weekend, he also had two special non-pug (i.e. human) visitors.

It was Payton‘s ‘rents, Tim and Christy! They were in NYC for the last leg of their multi-city Remembering Payton tour and the NY/NJ 1000 Pugs photo shoot.

As soon as T & C set foot into PugSlope HQ, Sid knew he was in for a treat. Especially when he noticed the bright-colored gift bag Christy was toting. Like most of his flat-faced bretheren, Sid assumes that any bag or box that enters his domain (our apartment) is undeniably his. This time, he was actually right.

If I get close enough, I think I can see through the wrapping paper.

The first gift was a plush IntelliBone which is one of those puzzle-type toys that Sid goes ga-ga over. Plus every little component has a sqeaker inside so his mind was definitely blown.

It didn’t take Sid very long to pull all the plush donuts off the center bone, at which point he decided to show off by coyly using the bone as a head-rest. Yes, we are now justified when referring to him as a bonehead. Wah-wah.

This is how we store our bones on Planet Cool Sid.

Of course, we couldn’t just let him sit there all smug with his little peanut head resting on that bone. So we put the donuts back on. And he took them off again and proceeded to perch his head, victorious, on the bone again. After repeating this process a few more times, Sid was losing steam. By the end of night he just laid there like this:

Every five seconds or so, he’d gently squeeze the bone, just to confirm it was still there in his mouth and that he wasn’t dreaming.

But the excitement wasn’t over just yet. Another package was pulled from the bag. Inside was a framed photo of the fabulous Miss P herself along with a very special confidence shirt.

This shirt is actually the one that Payton is wearing in the photo. We were all moved by this very thoughtful gift (even Sid blushed – though he’ll never admit it) and were so glad we got to spend some time with such a great couple.


Ermagersh, guys.  So, I’ve been sitting up here at the new PLANET COOL SID / Pug Slope Headquarters, and it’s been fine and everything, but I’m way too far away from Timothy Buttons’ house now for daily play dates, and it’s been too hot and mugg-tastic to meet her in the park, so I’ve had to be content with just visiting her Tumblr once a day and reminiscing about our days in the South Slope.

I mean, she came up here to the new HQ that one day, and I showed off my couch climbing skillz and I didn’t even need a confidence shirt (hey, Weasley – lookin’ good, little man!), but I’m so mad at myself because I didn’t even, like, pay attention to her or listen to her while she was blabberin’ away about whatever ladies blab about because I just wanted to show off my mad skillz and pose for pictures.  At the old HQ, she used to come over all the time, so I guess I may have taken her presence for granted.

Wearing my inner confidence shirt.  Oh, and Timothy’s there on the right.


I went to go look at Timothy’s Tumblr today on Mom’s computer, and Mom had left her iPhoto open, and there were all of these NEW photos with Timothy Buttons and I don’t remember being at any of these photo sessions which means MY MOM has been hanging out with MY LADY without MY KNOWLEDGE!!

Apparently she walks all the way down to T-Buttzville WITHOUT ME three (3!) times a week, and they talk about me or look at pictures of me or make fun of me or plan pranks they’re going to play on me or WHATEVER.  I mean, maybe they don’t even talk about me at all, but that’s too horrible to even think about, because if they’re not talking about me, then who or what are they talking about??!  WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITHOUT ME?!

Here’s what I can gather from the photos:





Ahem…I apologize for raising my voice…it’s just…BACON?!?!!!!!!?!REALLY?!!?!

I mean, I guess it’s good that my mom and my lady get along, but I’m not sure how I feel about this…

Too Cool For School

I think Sid’s t-shirts give him a little TOO MUCH confidence sometimes.

Now that he’s mastered both how to ascend onto the back of the couch AND the wistful stare off into the distance combined with a rebellious sneer, he thinks he’s as cool as James Dean.

Thank goodness he doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle (yet).

Stay away, baby, I’m nothin’ but trouble.

NoT WitHouT mY ConFiDenCe SHiRT!

Howdy, awesome, awesome friends!  I’m not gonna spend a lot of time typing today because there’s a big storm coming our way and I want to make sure I get my newest PLANET COOL SID video up here before I need to start barking at the thunder.  Enjoy!!

Sid’s Picks – Day 1


And all it took was me forging a letter from the Pug Slope Headquarter’s landlord saying that the rent was going up a bazillion dollars a month, and then convincing Mom and Dad to just find a new headquarters rather than negotiate with “the landlord,” and then making a deal with some guy on the Internet to rent Mom and Dad a slightly better apartment that’s only a half a bazillion dollars more than our current place, BUT MY MASTER PLAN WORKED.  Now they’re all occupied with packing all the stupid stuff in the house that you can’t even eat (WHO CARES ABOUT BOOKS?!?) into stupid empty boxes, and I AM ONCE AGAIN THE MASTER OF THE BLOG.

BEHOLD, the secret lair from which I write this post:


Serves them right.  Mom and Dad totally promised I’d get a weekly Planet Cool Sid post back when they overturned the actual PLANET COOL SID, and they totally didn’t follow through on their end of the bargain.  I did one AWESOME video, and then what?  Nothing!

But, whatever, I’m here now.  I don’t really have a lot of new stuff to say because my parents are all busy packing for this totally necessary (wink-wink) move instead of helping me do the awesome things that I normally do to get all my great blog material, so I’m gonna repost some of my favorite posts that they wrote from way back when.


(For those of you who need help with the Internet (cough, Grammy Grace, cough), you can click on “THE VERY FIRST PUG SLOPE POST EVER!!!” and it will take you to the very first Pug Slope post ever. I LOVE YOU, GRAMMY GRACE!)

Awesomely titled, “Sid is Cool,” this was the very first post my dad ever put up on the blog. I picked this post for a few reasons:

1)  I think I look pretty cool and confident in that photo.  Obviously.

2) The whole post is about how cool I am, AND I DIDN’T EVEN WRITE IT!!

3) Dad let me put a comment up there (under the secret code name “admin”) and then we got another comment FROM A VAMPIRE! (Don’t be scared, we know him)

4) Seriously, it’s called “Sid is Cool.”


April Showers

Well, it was a wet, rainy, blah sort of weekend here in Park Slope.  Let’s brighten things up a bit with this photo-flashback of a pre-Carl, pre-salt-and-pepper-muzzle, post-confidence-shirts, fun-fun-fun-in-the-California-sun-lovin’ Siddhartha Lamont.

Sigh.  Not really helping.  Let’s try to find a Sid photo-flashback that’s a little less “dripping with ennui.”

Ooph.  No.

Oy!  No!

Okay, maybe a video-flashback is what we need.

Wow, Sid.  I never knew Kool and the Gang could be such a downer.*

Er, maybe today we should just turn things over to you guys.  Did any of you pugs play any good April Fool’s pranks on your ‘rents?  Share ’em in the comments!  And let’s keep it cheery!!

*I know, I know, that’s like the fourth time I’ve used that video in a post – It’s my favorite Sid vid EVER and I need only the flimsiest excuse to toss it up on the blog.