Let’s Talk About Cysts, Baby.

Who has two dew claws and went to the vet this morning?

A week or two ago we noticed a weird, hard lump on Sid’s side, up near his back in the soft, fleshy zone between his rib cage and his hip bones.  We’ve been keeping an eye on it, and it hasn’t gone down, so off we went this morning to Sid’s favorite hang-out: the vet!

The vet took some samples of the lump and sent them off to the lab to be tested.  He said it feels like it could be a cyst but he wants to rule out the other thing that I won’t mention here at this time because the mere mention of it throws Brian and I into the throes of panic. He’s pretty convinced it’s a cyst, which is no biggie as long as it doesn’t get infected, but then he said that cysts are sometimes secondary, though, to those other things that we again won’t mention here at this time because the most important word in his statement was SOMETIMES, because “sometimes” doesn’t mean EVERY TIME so let’s just assume that this isn’t one of those times.  Oh, and then, on the plus side, the vet told his helper that Sid is one of the best-looking pugs in the neighborhood.  Sure, by “best-looking,” he could’ve meant “healthiest-looking,” but we all know he really meant that Sid is the handsomest.

The tests should be done in a few days. We’ll send out an update as soon as we hear back.

As always, any juju you can send Sid’s way is much appreciated.

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10 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Cysts, Baby.”

  1. avatar Yumee Says:

    Sid, we are all holding hands and sending you JUJU and good vibrations. Nothing but positive thoughts for our buddy Sid.

    Love from all of us
    Mochi, Macho, Marshmallow and the Humans

  2. avatar Tesla Says:

    A healthy pug is a handsome pug! The two go paw in paw.

  3. avatar Payton Says:

    I am on it lickity split, Sid! I am sure it’s just a harmless cyst, but I will make sure you get an extra special mention in my prayers tonight. The power of the pug won’t be denied!
    My ‘rents are always monitoring for “things that weren’t there before” during my regular scratch down sessions so they can relate to your mom and dad’s paranoia, I mean cautionary preventative care. Hehee!
    Ps. You are most certainly the most handsome pug in all of NY, I’m sure!

  4. avatar kate Says:

    We are thinking of you and I know how scared you must be, so we will send all of our JUJU. However, even if it is the bad thing it could be a mast cell tumor. Tubby had one of those and while it is the bad thing they are very common in pugs and respond well to treatment. Tubby had his removed a year ago and I was in total panic. He has had no re-occurences and his vetrinary oncologist said that it was very likely we would never see another and if we did then it could probably be removed.

  5. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    First off, yes, Sid is the handsomest. Paws down. Second, tons & tons of juju is coming Sid’s way.

    My lab Nicki had a cyst in that same area which they biopsied and it turned out to be just fatty stuff; we left it alone rather than having it removed. It would come and go. Later in her life when she had diabetes it became a problem because she would scratch it open and it wouldn’t heal. Overall, it was more of an nuisance than anything.

    Sid, Scarlet says this is a good time to really ham it up for extra snuggles and pujas.

    Scarlet & Meredith

  6. avatar Michelle + Myko Says:

    Sid! Sending lots and lots of juju to you, and good thoughts to your rents. I think it is important to remind them that when you are happy they are happy, and a perfect way to make you happy is extra treats and a possible toy:) Good luck Sid and keep us posted.

    Pug love

  7. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    You are a stunning specimen of a pug, Sid. Super juju coming your parents way because they probably need it more than you do! BTW, Isabelle had one of those hard lumps, too. Turned out to be nothing at all and even went away!

  8. avatar Suki Says:

    Hi Sid,
    I’m concerating really hard on lots of postive vibes & juju for you my friend!


  9. avatar Punchbugpug Says:

    We will be thinking good thoughts for Sid. We’ve been through those “things we don’t talk about” here at our house with Marty and Zoey. Stewie is having surgery on the 5th of March for one of those….THINGS. How can a Pug mama not worry?

  10. avatar Payton's Gampy Says:

    Sid, a most handsome pug, is getting Gampy and Gammy’s prayers!


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