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Sid’s been working on his impressions lately (yeah, that’s what happens when you are stuck inside all winter!) and the first one he’s trying to get under his belt is Popeye.


The likeness is uncanny, isn’t it? I suggested he replace the Wigzi ball with a pipe to complete the look. He agreed as long as the pipe was filled with peanut butter. He also said he’s willing to start eating spinach – although I could have predicted that.

He tells me next up on his list is Marlon Brando from “The Godfather”…


If you happened to stop by Pug Slope HQ on Monday, this is what you would have seen:


Now, it’s not usual for Sid to be chillin’ in his bed most of  the day. While I work from home, he usually is catching his much-needed Z’s (being cute and demanding treats is exhausting work, people!). But on Monday, he was sitting in this position, fully awake, the whole day.

Here’s the reason:


Meet “KC”. At the time this photo was taken, we didn’t know that was her name. Let me back up a bit.

The day started out pretty normal. While Sid and I were out for our morning walk, a frisky, friendly black pup ran up to greet Sid. The odd thing was that there was no human accompanying her and she had no collar, harness, or leash attached to her. The city streets are certainly not a safe place for a dog to roam around like that so I plucked Sid into my arms and wrapped Sid’s leash around her neck to prevent her from darting into the street.

As you can tell from the photo, KC ended up accompanying us back to Pug Slope HQ. Then began the hunt to find her family. Lucky for her, the local vet found she had a microchip and had been adopted from a local dog rescue called PAWS Chicago. Unfortunately, the phone number that came up on the microchip was out of date and was disconnected (*). I posted on craigslist and a Facebook group called Lost Dogs Illinois. I also ran into a local dog walker who pretty much knows every dog in the neighborhood by name – she said KC looked familiar but she wasn’t sure who her owner was. I also put up a few signs around the neighborhood on my way to pick up some carryout lunch (trying to multi-task!). While I tried to get some actual work done during the day, KC whined in the kitchen and Sid sulked in his bed and gave me the stink eye. I think he was afraid KC was going to be a permanent resident of Pug Slope HQ. After a few hours of constant whining and barking from KC and no response to my lost dog posts, I was starting to share Sid’s fears.

Near the end of the work day, I got an email reply from my craigslist posting. Was it really KC’s parents? I wanted to be sure she was being returned to her proper home and not some weirdo. The friendly folks at PAWS Chicago were actually able to verify that the people that had contacted me were in fact KC’s real parents. So KC ended up getting home just in time for her dinner! Turns out she only lives 3 blocks away and had escaped from her yard that morning.

Sid was relieved. So was I.

(*) If your pet has a microchip, please be sure to keep that information up to date!

Waitin’ for a Teeth Brushin’

I’m not sure how many other people brush their dog’s teeth, but I try to do it daily. Of course I go through times when I’m pretty lazy about it and other times when I’m very diligent. I usually become most serious about it after receiving a bill for a teeth-cleaning. Anything I can do to possibly reduce the frequency of those bank-breaking teeth cleanings is a good thing. Sid said that just removing all his teeth is not an option. He’s so vain!


As Sid can be quite a curmudgeon, I thought he’d hate getting his teeth brushed. However, he gets super excited for the nightly ritual and reminds me to do it when I go to brush my own teeth. While I give my pearly whites a once-over, he hovers at the base of the bathroom sink and either stares unblinkingly at me or slumps his head down and bats his eyes like a 1930′s Hollywood starlet. Ok, dude, signal received.


Sid’s excitement isn’t due to the promise of fresh breath or control of his tartar, but rather because the dog toothpaste falls into the ”treat” category and he literally gulps it off the brush. He has a weakness for Vanilla-Mint.


Unfortunately this gulping action conflicts with my ability to get in there and brush so the whole process ends up being comically awkward. The hardest part is finding where a pug’s teeth are actually located. I try to make a mental note whenever he does a big yawn but it’s still a bit of guesswork. It certainly is crowded in there! Anyone else brush their pup’s teeth?

Post-Holiday Crash

Sid and I hope everyone had a great holiday. We’ve been laying low the past few days, watching some movies at home, and trying our best to stay warm. Ever since the Christmas festivities wound down, Sid has been predominantly in a horizontal position, purring like a 4-stroke engine.

The reason why Sid is so tuckered out is because he went on a twinkling-light-filled bender last week. Here’s a collage of his descent into holiday madness (double-click to enlarge the image…that is, if you can handle the insanity).

One incident of which no photographic material exists, but I’m sure Sid will never forget, involved a certain pug hurling himself into the air, batting an entire shrimp cocktail platter onto the ground, and chowing down on said shrimp cocktail platter while all humans present looked on in horror. Based upon the speed at which Sid normally inhales his dinner and how many seconds had elapsed before I was able to intervene (approx. five), I suspect he slurped down about 4 or 5 shrimp. Probably the tails, too. And some of the sauce.

Sid’s rampage continued into the living room where he tore open numerous presents, many of which weren’t even his. He thought the new puffy coat for my brother-in-law was his new bed and started digging/nesting in it. He rummaged through the bag of discarded wrapping paper, certain that a package of venison treats must have slipped through the cracks. On numerous occasions he tried to recreate his earlier moment of triumph by awkwardly batting at any and all items that were within 6 inches from the edge of a tabletop. He does have amazing reaching skills but I’m happy to report his further attempts proved unsuccessful…well, to him anyway.

It’s no wonder the dude needs to recuperate.

The Whiner

Sid is going to hate me for posting this, but I think you all need to get the FULL STORY about Sid. At Pug Slope, we strive for HONESTY. Sid’s not always the calm, chilled-out dude he purports to be.

So, today I present another side of Sid. A side that makes an appearance every day precisely at noon – when I prepare his favorite lunchtime treat.

YouTube Preview Image


Today my dad said something that my little pug brain could not understand. I tried my usual technique of tilting my cranium to the left…

And then flopping it over to the right.

I then repeated the steps a few more times, but I still could not process what he meant when he said, ”We need to buy more baby carrots because we ran out.

Um, what does that mean exactly?

Or do I not want to know?

It’s Getting Stuffy In Here

This past weekend, two flat-faced fawn snort-beasts showed up on the doorstep of Pug Slope H.Q. They must have been brothers because they bore an uncanny resemblance to one another.

In an unusual show of generosity, Sid invited the smaller of the two pugs to play with his Wigzi ball.

The small pug didn’t respond. Sid was baffled. Sure, he had already thoroughly cleared the Wigzi’s pockets of all treats and peanut butter, but still, didn’t the tiny dude want to even sniff it a little? Had he never seen a toy before?!

Sid tried to sniff the little guy’s butt to see what was up, but the lack of any stink quickly confirmed Sid’s suspicion: this non-stinking-butt guy had NO PERSONALITY WHATSOEVER.

Sid’s attention shifted to the bulkier big brother. Perhaps this guy had some interesting stories to tell. Perhaps he was an adventurer, a rule-breaker. Perhaps he had munched upon delicacies more scrumptious than Sid could ever imagine.


Sid’s official conclusion was that the pair were a couple of “total duds”. He then proceeded to show them the door.