Pug Slope Guessing Game!

Just beyond the edges of this photo, Brian’s holding a mysterious object that’s caught Sid’s attention.

First person who correctly guesses the object that’s gotten Sid so amped up wins…well, something.

(This is a poorly thought-out contest; I didn’t really think that far ahead.  I imagine the prize will be something abstract, like pride or bragging rights.  Don’t expect a million dollars or anything.  But, really, what’s more valuable: a giant pile of money or a boost to your self-esteem?)

Leave your guesses in the comments!

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3 Responses to “Pug Slope Guessing Game!”

  1. avatar Noodles Says:

    Hmmmmm, speaking about me here, that look is usually reserved for FOOD.
    Love Noodles

  2. avatar Mochi Says:

    If it were us and your were hold any kind of food, our butts would not be on the floor sitting. So we guess it your squirrel toy.

    Mochi, Macho, Marshmallow

  3. avatar Mia Says:

    Froggy toy? Oh, and I hope the prize is a visit!

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