Operation Tupperware

Our apartment is super small and the “kitchen” has limited storage space, so we decided to keep our clean Tupperware on a bookshelf next to the couch, behind the kitchen island that divides the main room.  The Tupperware was housed there for about a month without incident.  Then, one day, I guess the Tupperware caught Sid’s eye.

After a week of coming home to find our Tupperware strewn about the apartment, in Sid’s bed, and in our bed, we set up a webcam to record Sid when he’s home alone. We were hoping the time-lapse footage would answer questions like, “at what point does Sid decide to ransack the Tupperware shelf?” or “what else is he getting in to while we’re gone?” What we learned is that Sid can barely wait for us to leave the house before diving into mischief.  We embed video evidence for your review:

I’ll post more info on the awesome software we used to record the footage in a follow-up post.  Trust me, it’s sweet.

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3 Responses to “Operation Tupperware”

  1. avatar AdamWallander Says:

    It’s spelled “zuckahs”.

  2. avatar Payton Says:

    Hi Sid! I’m catching up on all of your adventures and this was too funny not to comment! I’m actually surprised that you didn’t try to jump on the counter!

  3. avatar Suzy Says:

    Bahah! Sid, you are so naughty!!

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