Sid Takes a Leek

Thank you all for the advice on how to help a pug shed a pound or two. We’re going to try the green bean approach combined with a little more vigorous exercise and see how it goes. We’ll keep you posted.

Unfortunately, Sid got a little overzealous when he heard the words “green beans”.

Even though he possesses an uncanny ability to distinguish food items from non-food items we bring home, he has never seen a green bean before, and when some giant green vegetables we brought home landed on the kitchen island, he figured they must be these magical green beans that his pug friends were talking about.

After a few sniffs, he was convinced.

I guess leeks must have a good smell to pugs because Sid was not going to give up!

Much to Sid’s disappointment, dogs are not supposed to eat leeks, so we quickly moved them out of the Sid Zone™. He wasn’t too happy with that but we were able to appease him with a few blueberries instead. Potential crisis averted.

Hope you all have a great, leek-free, weekend!

DISCLAIMER: Much to his dismay, no leeks were consumed by Sid during the creation of this blog post.


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5 Responses to “Sid Takes a Leek”

  1. avatar Noodles Says:

    OH DOG SID!!!!
    Those leeks DID look tasty and all. I am totally bummed out to know I can’t eat them. Hmmmm. Scratch those off my shopping list. Green beans, broccoli, and sweet potato . . . not those I KNOW I can eat.
    Love Noodles

  2. avatar Ellen and Noodle Says:

    Noodle has been on the green bean diet for years and he LOVES them. So much so that he goes nuts and dances and ‘howls’ every time I open any kind of canned good, regardless of whether said canned good is for his consumption. Personally, I think Sid’s physique is perfect–i wouldn’t change a thing!
    Ellen & Noodle (of NYC)

  3. avatar Suki Says:

    Hi Sid,
    On no, you had an extra toe too? I also had one. The vet thought it was the “C” word, but after removing it and testing, it was the “B” word. What a relief. Hope your test come back the “B” word.


  4. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    Blueberries are a good substitute. Those green things can fool you. Once, we tried to eat celery. Darn strings flossed our teeth! And we still go for anything that falls to the floor, like lettuce or spinach. We chew it and spit it out. The season is just about over, but squash and zucchini are super yummy, too.

  5. avatar Payton Says:

    Hey Sid! Aren’t are parents such a tease sometimes? Sheesh! If they we shouldn’t eat certain things, then why are they in the house? Anyway, you will love green beans! They are yum! So are blueberries though, so you ended up scoring in the end. Oh, my mom just got some Ginger O’s and thanks for the recommendation cause she says they are good. I wouldn’t know though because she said I can’t have any since they are NOT grain free. Which brings me back to my first point in this comment. Oh, well. Have a great weekend too!