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Sid’s in Love

Well, maybe he’s not quite “in love” but he’s without doubt “deeply obsessed”. However, have no fear, Miss T-Buttz and other lady-pugs out there, the object of Sid’s desire is not another pug – it’s his little red Wigzi ball.

The main reason he totes it around everywhere is because each day at lunch time the Wigzi’s pockets are stuffed with treats and peanut butter by yours truly. This pug-distraction technique affords me the opportunity to eat my own lunch without uncomfortable staring, sneezing, and loud-sitting on the part of Sid.

However, even when the ball is clearly empty – and trust me, Sid gets EVERY MINUTE MORSEL – he still carries it around. His optimism amazes me. I guess he thinks the ball may somehow spontaneously sprout more peanut-buttery goodness and he does NOT want to miss that moment.

Sid and the little red ball are practically inseparable.

I guess the lesson here is if you are looking to catch Sid’s eye, you might want to try stuffing your ears with peanut butter. Although don’t be surprised if he FOLLOWS YOU EVERYWHERE, FOREVER!

Finding the Sunny Spot

Although it’s been frigid outside, we’ve been very lucky lately because it’s also been exceptionally sunny. When the sun is out, warming up your face, 19 degrees doesn’t seem so bad. Sid’s been doing his best to track the sun beams as they make their way through the apartment. He flops from his bed to the floor to his second bed to his blanket and back to the floor.

Since we’re due for some more snow and arctic temps this week, we are enjoying the sun while we have it.

Hope you all can find a nice sunny spot to hang out in today!

Shirt Claiming

It’s Just Another Flap-Flip Friday

Hello frendz…

So, since it’s too dang cold out to go for long walks, I’ve been amusing myself with activities that I can do inside. You know, reading books, watching the tube, knitting….ok who am I kidding, I’ve been NAPPING most of the time. Or staring at my dad until carrots are deposited into my mouth.

I figured some of you guys might also be experiencing the winter doldrums so I thought I’d learn ya something today: How to do the infamous “Flap Flip“.

Depending on your region, you may also know it as the “Meh? Muzzle”, the “Shaggy Sneer”, or the “Bemused Gregory”. Yeah, that last name never really caught on.

Step 1: Avoid water for about 1 hour. We want to get our mouth nice and dry for maximum muzzle-flap stickage.

Step 2: Let out a GIGANTIC yawn. You may optionally make a high-pitched squeeking noise while yawning that I like to do approx. 3 inches from the face of a sleeping human at breakfast time.

Step 3: Let your arid mouth and lack of snout work to your advantage as you slowly close your jaws. Often a lower anterior snaggle tooth can aid in the process.

Step 4: Gaze in the mirror at your amazing “Flap Flip”.

This face is best used when prompted with inane questions like “Are you a good boy?”, or “Wasn’t that a FUN walk we just went on?”. Good luck!

Have a FLAP-tastic weekend, doodz and doodettes.

See, Winter CAN Be Fun!