Somebody’s feeling all depressed and left-out because he discovered we’d spent the last year writing a blog about him without letting him join in on the fun…

We let Sid read and comment on his friend’s blogs, like Noodles’ pug-poetry jam, or Minnie Moo and Lincoln’s southern adventure stories, or Payton’s journal of pug perseverance, but we never told him about Pug Slope.  Sid already thinks the world revolves around him – we worried that if he knew we were spending all of our free time writing about him and his antics he’d totally forget who’s in charge around here.  And now, with him knowing that all of the pugs he’s been humbly following on the web are also following him? We may as well just put out an endless supply of dinner and toys, never take him on a walk again, and surrender to complete anarchy here at Pug Slope headquarters.

Well, whatever.  The cat’s out of the bag, and now somebody has insisted on having his own commenting account so he can reply to his friends’ comments and clarify anything Brian and I “got wrong” in our accounts of his daily mischief and mayhem.  And, if he’s really well-behaved and stays off my new pillow, he may even get to contribute a post every now and then.

Sid is anxiously awaiting your comments…


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11 Responses to “Uh-oh…”

  1. avatar Payton Says:

    Oh, Sid…it’s just horrible all the things that our parents keep from us, isn’t it?!? I’m so glad you know the truth now, but I think you’ll be happy to find out that PUG SLOPE is awesome…cause you are awesome! Just don’t forget to milk this for all it’s worth and take them up on their “endless supply of dinner and toys” offer.
    PS. I’m glad your parents are also admitting that the world does revolve around you…something us pugs have known for a long time. This means they can move on to the next step for pugaholics. Heehee!

  2. avatar Sid Says:

    Uh, YEAH, Payton, I’m definitely duping the parental units into giving me AT LEAST a triple-dinner tonight. No doubt. Can you believe these people?!?! It’s like I gotta get them to obedience class, or something. Stay cool, Lil’ P.

    PS: My mom likes to say embarrassing things like I was all “depressed” and whatnot about their secret blog, but don’t listen to her. I was sullen, like Edward Cullen. That’s what the ladies like, right?

  3. avatar Marshmallow Says:

    Sid I hope you’re reading this…. I just wanted to tell you that I look up to you as a mentor and hope to learn all I can from you. Especially on how to get more treats. I have been reading your blog religiously (that is when Mochi isn’t hogging the computer) and have fallen in love… with your friend Lola.

    Your Student

  4. avatar Meredith LeBlanc Says:

    Sigh, what would the world be like without pugs…BORING!!!

    Scarlet knows she has her own blog since she does dictate it to me, and I mean dictate. Thus far she hasn’t asked for her own account ~ I think she knows that if she did she’d have to do all of that typing on her own and much prefers the yodel her input from her perch.

    Basically, it’s her Universe and we just live in it.

    It must be said Sid that we just love your blog. Let your humans do the typing and you relax.

    Meredith & Her Royal Highness Scarlet

  5. avatar Noodles Says:

    Hey Sid
    Way to take CONTROL!!! When I learned about my Mommys cooking up a blog on ME I insisted on my own ‘puter so I can monitor the posts. I have final editorial power – which is why you haven’t seem me in “jail” lately.
    Love Noodles

  6. avatar Sid Says:

    Hey, Marshmallow!! If my ‘rents ever WAKE UP early enough to get me over to the pug-party again (HELLO??!!) I’ll definitely get Lola’s digits for you. Tell Mochi and Macho I say “What’s up,” and remember, the first and most important rule of treat-getting: THE MORE YOU ANNOY THEM, THE MORE LIKELY THEY ARE TO CAVE IN!

  7. avatar Sid Says:

    Hi Meredith – H.R.H. Scarlet is way lucky to have you around to transcribe her thoughts. QWERTY keyboards weren’t made for paws, that’s for sure. But, you know what? You’re even luckier because she LETS you help her. You should give her a treat to show your appreciation (YOU’RE WELCOME, SCARLET).

  8. avatar Sid Says:

    NOODLES!!! Final editorial power?! WAY TO GO!! I’m not sure I want THAT MUCH responsibility. Ugh, I already have to spend 5am-6:59am reminding them that my breakfast is served at seven, and 3pm-4:59pm reminding them that my dinner is served at five. And then, of course, I’m on floor-monitoring duty three times a day while they’re cooking and eating (PRIME TIMES for crumbs falling from the sky, in case you weren’t aware…Sit RIGHT at their feet and you’re almost guaranteed to get a crumb or two!!), and then there’s the post-meal did-they-leave-any-scraps-on-the-kitchen-island inspections – GAH!! I barely have a minute to relax as it is!! Whatevs, as long as they keep writing about how much they love me and how awesome I am, I’ll let them have their little “blog” and whatnot. Stay out of jail, little lady – Sid.

  9. avatar Socrates Says:

    Great Coup! Sid! We need to watch out so we aren’t “misrepresented”
    Now that you’re getting directly involved, I’m looking for a even more pug-centric postings! Hope you’ll think about running a web workshop on the latest cutting edge treat-getting techniques!


  10. avatar Sid Says:

    Socrates!! My man!! You shoulda come to pug party this morning. Some guy had cargo shorts full of meat, and every time I went near him my ‘rents called me over and gave me a treat. And then there was a baby in a stroller and the stroller was filled with snacks and diapers, and every time I went near the baby the parentals called me over and gave me a treat. And then there was a big dog who was hootin’ and hollerin’ and every time I went near the big dog mom and dad called me over and gave me a treat. JUST KEEP GOING PLACES WHERE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO GO, AND THEN YOU GET TREATS!!!

  11. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    Seriously, Sid. What is up with your ‘rents? Sounds like you are training them in the right path, though. Keep up the good work. You’ll have them ship shape in no time.

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