1000 Pugs!

Well there weren’t quite 1000 pugs at Washington Square Park on Sunday, but there were at least two dozen. Despite the chilly temps and drizzle, we made it to the NYC 1000 Pugs photo shoot.

This was Sid’s second subway adventure, so of course he knew this meant he’d be hanging out in his travel bag for the duration of the subterranean journey. Stella Boo McMuffin (from Greenpoint, Brooklyn) was also in tow as she was spending the week on holiday with us at Camp Pug Slope.

Don’t worry, these aren’t “suspicious packages” – they’re just a coupla’ pugs.

When we got to the the park, Sid and Stella were greeted by none other than Puglet, from The Daily Puglet.

Mr. Puglet, himself!

He’s got amazing eyes!

Puglet’s human, Amanda, is the sole creator, organizer, scheduler, and photographer for the 1000 Pugs project. She is awesome and, by the end of the shoot, Sid wanted to go home with her (I mean she was wearing a POUCH FILLED WITH BABY CARROTS, how could Sid resist?).

You had me at ‘baby carrot’.

Amanda’s mom was there keeping an eye and Puglet and his cousin, Sophie who was as sweet as could be. While the other pugs were running around, panting, sniffing, and getting their leashes twisted into a cat’s cradle, Sophie just chilled out in Amanda’s mom’s arms.

Pretty soon it seemed like everyone we’ve ever met via the blog showed up! It was insane!

Weasley from Urban Hounds, sporting his ever-so-dapper tweed jacket.

I need a cool jacket like that, Dad!

Ping, also from Urban Hounds, was also there in a little sweatshirt, as was Tubby (who I didn’t get a good photo of – Sorry Tubby!)

Scarlet from The Scarlet Sutras kept dry up on her mom’s lap. She sure is a wise pug!

We also finally got to meet the M3 gang, who I painted portraits of a while back.



and Marshmallow – he’s a self-admitted “momma’s boy”.

Mochi explained to Sid the pros/cons of having to live with two other pugs. Sid didn’t understand the concept of having to ‘share treats’.

And that’s NOT ALL! Of course Sid’s LADY-FRIEND ESPECIAL, Miss Timothy Buttons, was there with her ‘rents.

Like Sid, T-Buttz was a little pooped after her photo shoot, too. Amanda made them WORK for those treats!

Tim and Christy (from Pugnacious P) were there, on the last stop of their “Remembering Payton” tour. We still miss Payton a lot and it was really nice to hang out with them (more on that in another post, too!).

The rain started coming down pretty hard, and there was a lot of pug shivering goin’ on, especially among the M3 posse, but soon spirits were lifted when the whole Southern Fried Pugs crew rolled on up. Yes, they literally rolled up.

Um, I think the pug count just doubled.

Aside from all the pugs and people we know from blogging, there were also some adorable local NYC pugs, including one named Pixel.

Unfortunately, even with all the PUG LOVE in the air, the crummy weather was getting to pug and human alike – even Stella was dropping hints that it was time to get home.

So, like, am I supposed to get in this bag all by myself?!

Before we headed for the subway, Sid insisted we get a photo with him and Puglet.

The “Jimmy” masters.

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13 Responses to “1000 Pugs!”

  1. avatar Urban Hounds Says:

    It was so nice to meet you! Even if Sid was a little too cool for us. Sid is Weasley’s role model as he feels he is cooler then Tubby, (don’t tell Tubby that). You also got some great pictures, me not so much. Maybe we can meet up some time in Brooklyn as we do take Weasley there sometimes and there are lots of places I like to eat there

    Kate (urban hounds)

  2. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    Sid, can we just say, meeting you was very cool. And we don’t mean temperature wise, although Scarlet was pretty shivery. Hopefully we can meet up again on a sunny day some day. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  3. avatar Payton's Gampy Says:

    It’s too bad the weather didn’t cooperate because “the gang was all there!”, that’s for sure! Great pictures and thanks for letting us all share the adventure! Sid’s picture with Puglet is the “cat’s meow” if you’ll forgive the pun!


  4. avatar Socrates Says:

    Hey Sid! Sorry we missed you bro!
    Our photo shoot was at 3:45, and by the time we got there it was pretty quite.
    Super modeling was hard work, but Puglet gave me some tips — don’t let the cookies out of your sight! It was so great to meet Puglet, and Amanda and her Mom & Sophie were all so super, super nice. I had a blast.

    I keep missing you, but I have faith. The two greatest mind of East & West shall meet some day soon!

  5. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    Dude, we are so bummed that we didn’t get to spend more time with you or meet Miss Tim. Mom is super bummed that she missed your people. Can you believe that all six of us arrived in one car? With all our parts intact?

  6. avatar Eddie the Pug Says:

    Great photos Sid!! So fun to see my sista Stella Boo McMuffin on your blog:) Looks like you had fun, even in the rain!
    What an awesome turn out for Miss Amanda and Puglet!!
    Pee Ess
    Don’t let Stella steal all your toys this week…guard your turf, man, and show her you da boss!

  7. avatar Payton's Gampy Says:

    What fabulous pictures, I’m so glad that Christy and Tim were able to hang out with you guys, they enjoy you guys so much! Of course if Gammy ever gets near Sid it will be all over. Not sure what the sentence is for pug-napping but I’m sure it would take Gammy and me past our lifetime!


  8. avatar Wilma Says:

    We were bummed that you guys had to leave when we got there, but I totally don’t blame you, it was cold and wet. These humans are nuts I tell ya. The weather did clear up, and we were able to hang in the small dog run, off leash, so that was cool. We actually met Socrates on the corner on his way in with his Mom. We were going to grab some grub before heading out of the city. Maybe some time we can come back in for a tri state meetup! Great pictures by the way. Now I know why we were getting so many looks as we approached rolled up on people! BOL!!!

  9. avatar Ellen Says:

    What an awesome adventure you had! And meeting so many pugs and their humans, too!

    We can’t wait for that book to come out!

    Love Ellen and Zoe (#414), Peyton (#415), Webster (#416), Liberty (#417) & Whitney, too!

  10. avatar Noodles Says:

    OMP, Sid. You sure had a great adventure. I love Puglet and Amanda -mostly Amanda with her great treats. I did anything she asked just to get those treats.
    Love Noodles

  11. avatar winston wilbur Says:

    OMP we just rolled over from Wilma’s blog. Luv all the pics this must have been an awesome day!

  12. avatar Yeon-Mee H Says:

    Sid it was so exciting to meet you and your parents!!! Your dad takes great pictures of you but in person…beyond cute! Hopefully we can meet up again. I agree with Wilma, a tri-state meetup would be fantastic! The M3 gang didn’t get to sniff your booty enough 🙂 (hope your gf Timothy Buttons doesn’t mind).

    Love, Yumee, Yeon-Mee, Mochi, Macho & biggest mama’s boy EVAH Marshmallow.

  13. avatar Payton's mom Says:

    I can’t wait to see how your photos turn out, Sid! It’s hard to imagine you looking any more handsome.

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