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Sid Says R-E-L-A-X

Sid told me we need to RELAX this entire holiday weekend. I wholeheartedly agree.

He’s already claimed the couch, so I’ll be doing my relaxing on the rocking chair. Oh wait, now he wants that, too. Sheesh.

We hope you all have a relaxing long weekend!


While I was away this past weekend, Sid got to enjoy a staycation at home with his special guests / pug caretakers extraordinaire, Aunt Anna and Uncle Andrew. The overall report was generally good and although A & A had to deal with Sid’s mopey/stubborn side, they also got to experience his sweet/cuddly side.

Here’s a few photos that Aunt Anna took during her weekend at PugSlope HQ:

Look how low I’ll go for a baby carrot!

Mr. Grumpy-face McGee



Thank you to A & A for taking such great care of my loveable, difficult, cuddly, hilarious, grouchy little dude.

Puttin’ on My Top Hat

Hello all you beautiful Pug Slopers!

Sorry that it’s been a while since you heard from me directly. As you know, I lead a pretty busy life so I usually delegate posting duty to my unpaid intern (aka “Brian” or “Dad”). Well, this time I’m typing with my very own paws. Notice, however that you’re not hearing the usual tap-tap-tap…that’s because I got my nails trimmed. See I am entertaining some special guests this weekend and I have to make sure I’m in top form.

My intern, er, Dad, is going away for the weekend to someplace with waterslides and go-karts and other things someone his age should have probably long outgrown. While he’s away, I’ve got two awesome humans coming over to man the PugSlope Headquarters and administer my treats (they’ll be taking me on walks, too, but let’s be frank – treats are the numero uno priority-o). I want to make a good impression, so in addition to my nail trimming (technically “dremeling”) I also got a full-service bath and all my beds were washed and dried (again, by my intern). Everything smells like coconuts.

I’ll let you guys know what I get up to when my Pops returns. Let’s just say I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be S-P-O-I-L-E-D!

Zonked Out

Sid found the sunniest spot in the apartment and decided he’s going to camp out there for the weekend. Hope you all have a fun RELAXING weekend, too!

Watermelon Mania

Despite Sid’s recent weight gain, it’s really hard to resist the urge to spoil him with treats. I mean, it’s not like he just eats treats matter-of-factly. Each treat is THE MOST AWESOME THING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE to him. So when my kind neighbor offered me a hunk of watermelon, I just had to give Sid a taste. After all, the poor dude has never had the joy of eating fresh watermelon before.

As soon as the mysterious pink chunk was placed before him, his pug instinct kicked in and he confidently decided it was in fact food and bowed down accordingly before his new watermelon overlord.


Once he got the “OK” to dive in, mayhem soon followed.

Of course the first step was to ditch the dish. At least he was kind enough to continue chowing down in the kitchen instead of carrying his juicy friend onto my bedspread.

It actually took him a lot longer to work his way through the chunk than I had anticipated. The watermelon appeared to alternate between being stuck to the roof of his mouth and being wedged under his tongue.

Watermelon juice started oozing everywhere. Again, thank you, Sid, for staying clear of my bed and the couch. If anything, you’re a courteous glutton.

The chunk eventually met its demise and Sid was ready for more. Unfortunately for him, that was the only TOTALLY AWESOME BEST EVER TREAT he was going to get today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Mr. Smooshface


No, 24.4 is not the current temperature in degrees Celsius (well, actually it’s not too far off thanks to unseasonably cool summer weather), it’s HOW MANY POUNDS SIDDHARTHA “THE FAWN BRATWURST” LAMONT WEIGHS! On my!

Yesterday we went to the vet for a regular check-up and I did a double-take when Sid got on the scale as he usually clocks in around 21 to 22 pounds. I reset the scale and had him try again. Still 24.4.

I mentioned to the vet tech that I was confused because I had actually been taking the little potato-with-legs on much longer walks the past week and a half since the weather has been unusually cool for this time of year. She said then he must be putting on muscle. I had to stifle a laugh, and suggested he must have been working specifically on the one muscle that wraps around his mid-section (the PUGNACIOUS TUBEIUS??) as that’s the only area where he’s been “bulking up”. No offense to Sid as it’s not like he gets to determine his eating schedule – if he ever did I think he’d actually become circular and instead of walks would have to go on “rolls”.

ANYWAY, so it looks like we’ll be back to the ol’ tried and true GREEN BEAN DIET for a little while. I’m sure THE FAWN BRATWURST will be thrilled.