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Merry Christmas 2016

Hello all my friends!

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. I already emailed my list to Santa (he’s pretty tech-savvy) and of course it contained Wigzi balls, crunchy treats, b.c.’s — you know, the standard stuff.

On behalf of my dad and I, we’d like to wish you all Happy Holidays! Hope you all get to enjoy some time with your families, scarf down lots of treats, and play in the snow (or at the beach if you are so lucky)!


Stay warm, folks!

Merry Christmas 2015!!!

Sid and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!



It’s That Time of Year Again


Sid and I hope everyone is having a great holiday, enjoying some time with family and friends, and eating some seriously delicious food!

Sid & Brian

Post-Holiday Crash

Sid and I hope everyone had a great holiday. We’ve been laying low the past few days, watching some movies at home, and trying our best to stay warm. Ever since the Christmas festivities wound down, Sid has been predominantly in a horizontal position, purring like a 4-stroke engine.

The reason why Sid is so tuckered out is because he went on a twinkling-light-filled bender last week. Here’s a collage of his descent into holiday madness (double-click to enlarge the image…that is, if you can handle the insanity).

One incident of which no photographic material exists, but I’m sure Sid will never forget, involved a certain pug hurling himself into the air, batting an entire shrimp cocktail platter onto the ground, and chowing down on said shrimp cocktail platter while all humans present looked on in horror. Based upon the speed at which Sid normally inhales his dinner and how many seconds had elapsed before I was able to intervene (approx. five), I suspect he slurped down about 4 or 5 shrimp. Probably the tails, too. And some of the sauce.

Sid’s rampage continued into the living room where he tore open numerous presents, many of which weren’t even his. He thought the new puffy coat for my brother-in-law was his new bed and started digging/nesting in it. He rummaged through the bag of discarded wrapping paper, certain that a package of venison treats must have slipped through the cracks. On numerous occasions he tried to recreate his earlier moment of triumph by awkwardly batting at any and all items that were within 6 inches from the edge of a tabletop. He does have amazing reaching skills but I’m happy to report his further attempts proved unsuccessful…well, to him anyway.

It’s no wonder the dude needs to recuperate.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Hey there Slopers – it’s me Sid today.

I hope you  all are staying warm and cozy. It’s been so dang cold here that I wish my dad would just buy some of those wee-wee pads so I can stay inside until Spring.


So I read on the internet that we’re supposed to leave cookies out for Santa to provide him the stamina required to deliver all those millions of presents and treats to humans and pugs around the world. So I asked my Dad to set out some cookies and almond milk (I also read Santa is lactose intolerant).


But I couldn’t help staring at the cookies; they were calling out to me. “Sid! Sid! We’re so tasty and filled with PEANUT BUTTER! Please eat us!”

It was UNBEARABLE to have them just sitting there, mere inches from my muzzle.

Then my little pug brain started thinking, with all the other BILLIONS of pugs and humans on planet Earth, doesn’t Santa get all the cookies he needs? Surely he’s not going to miss a few small Nutter Butters, right?

I thought perhaps my Dad would agree with my logic but he insisted that I could not eat any of the cookies. Being the persistant pug I am, I respectfully bowed down (you know, like you’re taught in gentle-pug finishing school) and dipped my head as low as it would go and repeated my plea.

But still my Dad denied me the cookies.

Humbug! Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll get lots of cookies later tonight and tomorrow. It’s just so hard to BE PATIENT when you’re a pug!


We got a decent dumping of snow over the weekend and most of it has stuck around. We’re supposed to get some more tonight. It’s actually really pretty. The initial snowfall is the best phase of snow, before it eventually morphs into grey piles of mush. The wonderful sight of Christmas light shining out under a thin layer of snow almost makes up for the fact that temperature is in the single digits.

Sid enjoys the snow, although when there’s more than an inch or so, it gets stuck between his toes and he starts trying to walk on three legs while staring at me pathetically. I can usually appease him by holding his limp paw in my ungloved hand to melt the snow and warm his paw up a bit, but other times the only way to console him is to carry him the rest of the way home. He was born and raised in southern California so I can’t fault him for having thin blood.

If it stays this cold, we’re going to have to double up his layer of confidence shirts and invest in some insulated pug boots!