It’s been a long night, people.  Brian and I spent the night turning the Pug Slope Headquarters upside down in search for a clue on the sender of Sid’s mystery box, while Sid patiently waited for us to open said box tried out a number of methods for opening the box with little success.

Watch as Sid…

deploys the Standing-Jimmy Jedi Mind Trick…

harnesses the power of thought to convert himself into a solvent which will be passed through the semi-permeable membrane of the cardboard box, aka psychokinetic pugmosis…

and finally resorts to brute force, squeezing and squeezing with all his might in an attempt to burst the box open at its seams with his bare paws.


While Sid was busy giving himself a hernia, we found three clues on my computer that confirmed our biggest fear.

1.  An email addressed to Sid, sent from one Mr. Chewy, proprietor of an online pet supply store, offering free goodies to the canine resident of Pug Slope in exchange for a review of their service.

2.  A bookmarked blog post written by one NOODLES LADY LIBERTY of A Bowl of Noodles fame, in which the process for ordering TREATS and FOOD from Mr. Chewy is outlined IN DETAIL including illustrative PHOTOS for various steps and a glowing review of the online shopping experience.

3.  A PDF receipt of a Mr. Chewy’s order placed just TWO DAYS before the mystery box arrived.


It looks like our days in power are over, people.  The pug is rising.  Behold, our new ruler:


Tune in tomorrow to see Sid unpack the contents of the box that changed the world.

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6 Responses to “NOODLES!!!!?!?@*%!”

  1. avatar Payton's Gampy Says:

    God help us all!!


    P.S. Sid, secretly I admire you!

  2. avatar Noodles Says:

    Wow Sid! You took my post to HEART!!!!! I know you will be totally happy with all of the goodness about to explode from that box.
    Love Noodles, aka Noodles Lady Liberty Hamilton

  3. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    Yup, look out world, Sid is taking over!!!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. avatar Urban Hounds Says:

    Ooooh Sid that is a big box, must be filled with all kinds of tasty treats!

  5. avatar Bellatrix Says:

    MR CHEWY!?!? Yummmmmmm! I havent received a box like that in a long time…Belly…needs…chewies….

  6. avatar Michelle + Myko Says:

    “The pug is rising” you crack me up! Never underestimate the power of the pug! We may have to give this Mr Chewy a try…

    Pug love

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