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Hi everyone! It’s Sid here today. I know you may think that based on the recent post by my Dad that I just lay around all day doing nothing. Well, come closer and I’ll you the truth.


Ok, that’s better, I don’t have to shout now – I’m a little out of breath.

Anyway this time I’m laying down because I just got back from a long walk THRILLING AND DANGEROUS EXPEDITION. I kid you not. Well, I suppose it wasn’t really dangerous, per se, but I live my life on the edge, people, and there’s really no telling what COULD HAVE happened. So, yeah, I’m not having another “lazy Sunday” or “lazy Monday” or whatever. Oh, and for the record, last Sunday I had to get a BATH  which is definitely not included in my definition of lazy!

I still have to process the pictures as we almost lost the camera due to UNEXPECTED AND TURBULENT CIRCUMSTANCES.

Um, ok, that last part was a pure lie. I just didn’t get a chance to go through them all yet.

Just Another Lazy Sunday

I find it hard to keep up my enthusiasm for Spring when we get taunted with nice weather only to be hit the next day with more snow. I’m not kidding — we really got more snow! Luckily, only a handful of resilient flakes survived the the warming rays of the Sunday sun.

Although it looked bright and sunny outside, the thermometer was still only registering in the teens so Sid and I just slept in (after he had his breakfast of course). I guess it’s not easy for a pug to get comfortable, as Sid tried many different positions before he finally settled down and the snoring resumed.



(I can’t get over his delicately-crossed back legs!)

Wordless Wednesday: Opera Edition


Little Green Men, er, Man

Sid’s attempted take-over of planet Earth last week (in order to obtain “all the treats”, of course) didn’t work out as well as he had hoped. His reign only lasted about four days, at which point we were invaded (again) by little green men.

Well, actually just one little green man. With white fluffy hair.


The new leader insisted he was of the benevolent variety and would work with the creatures of Earth to set up futuristic farms for growing their species’ sole source of nourishment: baby carrots. All surplus crops would be available to the creatures of Earth.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for Sid to bow to down to this new leader.


Here Comes the Sun


Over the past few days I’ve noticed a shift in the light coming into Pug Slope HQ. We have a large window that faces pretty much due East, and, after living here just over a year now, it’s quite incredible to see the position of the sun in the sky change so dramatically throughout the seasons.

I understand that the tilt of the Earth’s axis causes this effect as we whiz around the sun each year, but it just didn’t “hit home” until I could see how noticeable the light changes in my apartment. In winter the sunlight comes so much more from the South. However, now it’s arc is slowly moving Northward and the sun appears higher in the sky. This makes the nerve center of Pug Slope (the dining room, which is where my home office is located) very bright and sunny in the morning and throughout much of the day.

Sid seems to also enjoy the extra sun we’ve been getting inside and has been hopping from sunny spot to sunny spot.


Sid’s been working on his impressions lately (yeah, that’s what happens when you are stuck inside all winter!) and the first one he’s trying to get under his belt is Popeye.


The likeness is uncanny, isn’t it? I suggested he replace the Wigzi ball with a pipe to complete the look. He agreed as long as the pipe was filled with peanut butter. He also said he’s willing to start eating spinach – although I could have predicted that.

He tells me next up on his list is Marlon Brando from “The Godfather”…