Family Day at Prospect Park

On Sunday, we were again greeted by amazing un-seasonably-warm weather for November (had we really left California?) so Prospect Park seemed the logical destination.

Ah...Prospect Park

We missed Jenn the last time Sid and I went to the park but this time the entire Demski crew was ready for a morning stroll. Sid insisted he wear his shark sweatshirt so that he’d look cool. Jenn donned her dark Ray-Ban sunglasses. Not requiring any accessory to increase coolness, I just went as is.

Sid showing off his shark sweatshirt

Jenn took the reins as we entered the park and started our journey through the Great Meadow.

Jenn leading the way

Leaves were everywhere! Having lived in Los Angeles for most of his life, Sid had never really experienced the “serious leaf-age” that Autumn on the East Coast had to offer. He couldn’t resist the urge to run through, sniff, and pee on the giant piles of leaves.

I'm a Leaf Man

Our next destination was the Boathouse. I took over piloting Sid and of course had to get a photo with him and all the amazing shades of autumn.

Sid and Brian love Autumn

We were determined to get some good photos of Sid, so we brought some motivation along in the form of Venison and Sweet Potato treats. He showed off how well he can do “down” (the longer you wait to give him the treat the lower he goes). Note that his eyes never stray from the reward – When there are treats involved you don’t risk blinking.

Sid shows off his down

The prospect of a treat even trumped a flock of quacking ducks.

Sif ignores the ducks in favor of treat

We took a nice well-deserved break on a park bench, and then headed back home.

Jenn and Sid at Prospect Park

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