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Waitin’ for a Teeth Brushin’

I’m not sure how many other people brush their dog’s teeth, but I try to do it daily. Of course I go through times when I’m pretty lazy about it and other times when I’m very diligent. I usually become most serious about it after receiving a bill for a teeth-cleaning. Anything I can do to possibly reduce the frequency of those bank-breaking teeth cleanings is a good thing. Sid said that just removing all his teeth is not an option. He’s so vain!


As Sid can be quite a curmudgeon, I thought he’d hate getting his teeth brushed. However, he gets super excited for the nightly ritual and reminds me to do it when I go to brush my own teeth. While I give my pearly whites a once-over, he hovers at the base of the bathroom sink and either stares unblinkingly at me or slumps his head down and bats his eyes like a 1930’s Hollywood starlet. Ok, dude, signal received.


Sid’s excitement isn’t due to the promise of fresh breath or control of his tartar, but rather because the dog toothpaste falls into the “treat” category and he literally gulps it off the brush. He has a weakness for Vanilla-Mint.


Unfortunately this gulping action conflicts with my ability to get in there and brush so the whole process ends up being comically awkward. The hardest part is finding where a pug’s teeth are actually located. I try to make a mental note whenever he does a big yawn but it’s still a bit of guesswork. It certainly is crowded in there! Anyone else brush their pup’s teeth?

July Flashback

We hope everyone is staying warm. I considered renting a car and just driving south but it’s frigid all the way to Florida. Seems like our friends on the West Coast are the only ones that can go outside with just one layer of pants. Sid and I are faring pretty well – although that sometimes entails us wearing jackets and scarves INDOORS.

I was flipping through some old photos from the adventures we had this past summer: Running around at Winnemac Park, swimming in Lake Michigan at the Foster Ave. Dog Beach, and taking walks that lasted more than 6 minutes.

Here’s a pic of Sid enjoying the nice summer weather at Winnemac Park with one of his favorite plush potatoes.


Think warm thoughts and have a great weekend!

Too Tired for Style

My Dad got me some new bandanas which, while they are pretty cool, are not really get-out-of-bed worthy. Yet he insisted on doing a photo shoot.

I put in about 8% effort – I mean, at least my eyes were open.

I don’t know if was due to the fact that there were no treats on deck or due to the news that we are due for another pummeling by the Polar Vortex but the super-model juices were just not flowing today.

Ever feel this way, my friends?

P.S. My Pops wants to know which bandana you like better – the yellow one or the black one? I think the black one makes me look tough – which I am, obviously. Just because one of my favorite toys is a mini purse doesn’t mean…well…um, oh forget it.

P.P.S. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!

Blueberry Harvesting

I know it’s not blueberry-picking season or anything (I am doubtful that any vegetation survived the “Polar Vortex” that whipped through Pug Slope last week) but Sid told me he’s been honing his blueberry harvesting technique and wanted to present a demonstration video for curious pugs out there that may want to study the ancient pug art of snatching tiny berries mid-air.

Without further adieu…

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

Nope, that’s not a doctored screen shot. The terms “Chiberia“, “Polar Vortex“, and “Frozen Tundra” get tossed around so casually, let’s just say it’s pretty freakin’ cold here. In fact my typing has slowed down by about 50% due to semi-numb fingers. And I’m indoors.

This photo of Sid was taken a few days earlier when it was relatively pleasant outside. You know, like a balmy 20 degrees. In fact, I think I was wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

I didn’t dare put Sid through the extra seconds it would have taken to snap a photo outside yesterday or today. Sid has perfected zipping out to the backyard, takin’ care of business, and zipping back inside (for a treat of course). He’s been a real trooper. I set up wee-wee pads for him, but he’s a got a bladder of steel and refuses to go in the house (trust me, I’m not complaining).

We hope everyone else has been staying warm and staying indoors – preferably in Snuggies. We’ve been under blankets as much as possible. I even cooked dinner while wearing my puffy winter coat indoors. Looking forward to when we get back above zero!



Starting New Year’s Eve, Chicago (and pretty much everywhere else) got bombarded with snow for 48-hours straight!

Sid’s been such a trooper through all this, and even though he was born and bred in Southern California, he’s been bucking up and going outside in the frigid January air to do his business. We’ve been forced to stick to brief walks – basically to the front of the apartment building or to the backyard.

Thank goodness for our awesome landlords (and most of our neighbors) who shoveled the sidewalk immaculately, otherwise I’m sure I’d have a full-fledged poop strike on my hands.

Sid wanted to do an “artistic” photo to show his feelings about these brutal temperatures. He happens to be doing his famed “Tripod” in this one. Don’t worry, though, he got a top-notch paw-warming by yours truly immediately after the photo was taken. STAY WARM, PEOPLE (AND PUGS)!