Waiting for the Bus, or “Sid’s Trust Issues”

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sid has absolutely no faith in our promise to reward him when he does something good.  Considering the number of treats this pug gets throughout the day as rewards for doing things as minor as sitting in his bed, I have no idea how and when we lost his trust.  Was there some incident in the past when he saved a boy from a well and we totally forgot to give him a treat???  Perhaps he vacuumed up all of his pug fur one weekend and we didn’t even notice, let alone give him a carrot???  Whatever it was, now the pug can’t just patiently wait for his treat when he does something good, as you’ll see in this video of Sid waiting at the bus stop in his travel bag:

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7 Responses to “Waiting for the Bus, or “Sid’s Trust Issues””

  1. avatar Sid Says:

    Um, HELLO??!! I’m just supposed to trust that you and Dad aren’t gonna to eat the treats yourself while I’m being good and lying down in the blinding darkness of my transport vessel??? GIMME A BREAK!!

  2. avatar Noodles Says:

    Cool travel bag Sid. I think you have it WAYYYYYY too good. I have to travel in a CAT CARRIER!!!! And TREATS???? Fergiddabowit!!!!
    Love Noodles
    PS Normally I totally side with you but in this CASE. . . ummmmm.

  3. avatar Urban Hounds Says:

    That video is too cute, and we do get Sid’s comment. All the hounds say point well made. Our dad does something much worse. Ping and Bob are very lazy and sometimes wont get out of bed and come down stairs. Dad knows that when he says Tubby sit, Ping comes flying because he always asks Tubby to sit for breakfest. So he will say Tubby sit, Ping comes running and then he doesnt even give any one a treat. How mean is that?! (At least mom would give us all treats)

    urban hounds

  4. avatar Meredith & Scarlet Says:

    Personally, we thought the treat thank you in the last video was hugely impressive.

    Scarlet & Meredith

  5. avatar Payton's mom Says:

    Sid, you are adorable and for that fact alone deserve tons of treats in my opinion!

  6. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    All around the Brooklyn bus stop, the ‘rents could only shrug.
    Our dear little Sid must think we kid
    ’cause Pop goes the pug!

  7. avatar Serena Says:

    Curious, where did you find Sid’s pet carrier? Is it airline approved? I’m trying to find a new one for my 11 year old pug. Thanks!

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