Close Encounters of the Pug Kind

The weather in Brooklyn has been gorgeous lately, so the other day our friend Rob, a professional photographer, came along on Sid’s afternoon walk to stretch his legs, soak in the sunshine, and snap a few photos of the most adorable pug in Brooklyn. Rob took all the photos for today’s post. He’s obviously gifted when it comes to shooting photos of surly pugs, but his normal models are typically more…human. Check out more of his work here:

We had a nice photo session and Rob got some great shots of Sid among all the blooming flora. As we were leaving the park, though, we encountered something on the sidewalk that made Sid stop dead in his tracks.

Sid was confused. He thought he must have walked into a carnival and was staring into one of those funhouse mirrors. Across from him was a tiny smooshed version of himself!

He tiptoed in to get a closer look and sniff this reflection. He quickly discovered this wasn’t an optical illusion. This thing smelled like a pug, looked like a pug, and breathed loudly like a pug… It must be a pug!

Sid was baffled that something so cute and tiny could exist. We were, too. When Sid entered our lives he was already 4 years old, so we missed out on the puppy stage. We’ve never seen one this tiny in person.

His name is Winston. Sid was trying to sniff a little more but Winston was an excitable little fellow and was skittering all over the place. Pretty soon he was zipping away down the block.

When we got home, Sid felt a little worried we might “upgrade” to a younger model Pug, like Winston, and started googling phrases like “pug botox” and “nose-flap rejuvenation.” We gave him a big hug, disconnected the Internet, and told him not to fret because he’ll always be the cutest pug in our book!

(Thank you, Rob, for taking such great photos!)

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5 Responses to “Close Encounters of the Pug Kind”

  1. avatar Mariel Says:

    Oh good god, don’t show me pug puppies! Do you KNOW what that does to a pug mama? (Yes, of course you do.) 🙂 Klausie was the cutest little scamp ever born, I swear. It’s impossible not to miss the puppy days just a TINY bit! I never got to know miss Natty as a puppy, but I’m pretty sure she was an adorably mischievous little beast. (She still is.) Wish I could’ve known her then. 🙂

  2. avatar Mochi Says:

    oh Sid you are perfect just the way you are. No need to change a thing about you.

  3. avatar Rob Says:

    Heyyyyyy – thanks for the shout-out. That was a great day; I’ll do more walks with Sid any time. (And you guys can come along to handle Sid’s, um… business dealings.) Can’t wait for more beautiful days in Prospect Park! Can we teach Sid to ignore a frisbee?

    P.S. – Where are the shots of you two?! Is this an incognito blog?

  4. avatar Payton Says:

    Those are awesome shots, especially the ones of Sid and Winston. Don’t you worry Sid, you are one handsome pug!

  5. avatar Amanda, one of Winston's owners Says:

    Photos are excellent! They look really cute together, I hope Winston and Sid can meet each other again.

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