Rented Glass and Green Grass

About a week ago, I rented a nice camera lens for the weekend (for the photo buffs out there, it was a Canon 50mm 1.2L). This is a really nice lens that I cannot really justify buying outright, but luckily there is a camera shop called Dodd Camera just a bike-ride away from Pug Slope HQ. They have tons of equipment that can be rented out and have really good rates for the weekends.

I headed out to Winnemac Park with Sid to try out the new lens. Sid seemed exceptionally excited about this particular photo shoot – probably because I actually remembered to bring some treats with me this time.


In the early Spring, the park district does a controlled burn of the prairie areas of Winnemac Park so back in April of this year the area on the far side of the fence looked totally barren. To see what I mean check out this post from April. Over the summer, though, the plants quickly return and grow at incredible rates. Soon the whole prairie area is filled with lush green leaves and lovely flowers that last all through the summer.



The plants are all native species, so the local pollinators are very attracted to them. There are often lots of bees collecting pollen and even monarch butterflies fluttering by!


Sid didn’t want any bees accidentally landing on him so he trotted over to one of the more open areas of the park near the weeping willow trees.


After a little stroll through the field he laid down near the far end of the park and made sure I delivered with the treats. He was being very photogenic so I complied.


I’m definitely excited to try out some other lenses from Dodd. Maybe next time I’ll try a fish-eye lens so I can show you guys some LARGER THAN LIFE close-ups of Sid’s pug mug?! I wonder if he’d approve…


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7 Responses to “Rented Glass and Green Grass”

  1. avatar Idaho PugRanch Says:

    Sid – your dad got some nice photos of the flowers but he got some pawsome photos of you!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. avatar Noodles Says:

    Great photos, Sid. You have your huDAD trained well.
    Love Noodles

  3. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    Sid will always approve of treats! Lovely photos of lovely flowers. It’s awesome that the city does this to help support the pollinators!

  4. avatar tweedles Says:

    Oh Sid,,,,,
    your dad is magic for sharing this with us!! He rented a camera to take photos of you! How cool is that…? And these are super dooper photos!!! Holy tomatoes,,, he did a good job.
    We did not know there are places that might,,, possible rent camera out,,,,
    And now I have to tell you,, we thought, the title said rented grass,,, Humm,, mommy needs some new eyes!
    We love the photos!

  5. avatar Steve Inman Says:

    Nice pics Brian, of course, you had an amazing subject! Way to go Sid!!

    Love, Gampy

  6. avatar stella rose Says:

    WE love those photo’s of Sid he always looks so happy. stella rose

  7. avatar Payton's mom Says:

    What amazing photos! I think we all can’t wait for “larger than life Sid”!!

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