Pug Slope is now PLANET COOL SID, the coolest blog ever because I’m the coolest and I’m in charge now and my mom and dad are totally going to wish they fed me a treat all those times that I sat loudly in front of the fridge and shifted my eyes up to where they keep my food to make it OBVIOUS that I was in need of TREATS and they JUST IGNORED ME. From now on ACK! GO AWAY, PIGEON!  ACKACKACKPIGEONRARRR!

(Hey, everybody – Jenn, here.  While Sid is distracted by a pigeon on our fire escape, I want to take this opportunity to apologize for all of…this.  We’re doing our best to get things back to normal, but whenever we speak up Sid reminds us that he knows how to shop online which means that he’s in charge now so I better just keep typing up what he wants to say OR ELSE.  Oh, God!  He’s ba- )


I run this show now so everything you see on here is going to be cool, like my cool face, or my cool potato toy, or my cool baby carrots that I put in my cool new masthead… I always thought baby carrots were the coolest treats and then venison jerky was the next coolest, but then I got an email from this dude who wanted to give me free stuff and Noodles taught me how to shop online and HOLY MOLEY why have my parents been holding out on me?  I mean, I like the venison jerky bits that I get when I do things like shake or Jimmy or sit loudly, but what the heck!  There are soooo many other Venison treats out there that I didn’t even know about!!!!

Mr. Chewy, if you’re looking for a new place to hang, look no further.  You’re welcome on Planet Cool Sid anytime.

In fact, after I make Mom and Dad feed me my brunch (new daily meal regimen: pre-breakfast, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, midnight snack, 3am snack), I’m gonna have Mom help me type another post for today is going to be all about how cool Mr. Chewy is and I will FINALLY show you what was in the box.

Mommy, you look so pretty today.  Can you stop typing now and give me three treats, please?  Are you typing that? Mom, stop typing and give me treats!!

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  1. avatar Sid Says:

    Hey, guys – If you still see the old Pug Slope masthead, make sure you refresh your browser (apple+r on a mac, control+r on a PC). My new Planet Cool Sid masthead is WAY cooler.



  2. avatar kate Says:

    Sid your new blog header is awesome, I wish you could teach us how to make cool pics for our blog like that. Our momma is hopeless. She wants to make a memorial badge for our page for our late sissy Dr. Zira and she can’t even manage that! ITs so sad. She says she has tried a lot of online programs using her picasa web album pics but every time she tries the pictures are too big. With think mom is just stoooopid, she must be because she ignores us (just like your mom and dad ignore you) when we sit patiently waiting for treats.

    Urban Hounds

  3. avatar Noodles Says:

    Psssst! Sid! Keep up the good work!
    Love Noodles

  4. avatar Payton's Gampy Says:

    I think Sid needs a dose of humble pie, teach him to play golf!


  5. avatar Mochi Says:

    Sid I’m moving to your Planet. I’m tired of these humans shoving pills down my throat without a treat. I’ve resorted to hiding the pill in my mouth and then spitting it out when their back is turned. heehee


  6. avatar Suzy Says:

    The suspense is killing me! Just show us what’s in the box already!!!!!!!

  7. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    w-o-w. We want to move to Planet Cool Sid. or at least next door. Whatever he will allow.

    Meredith & Scarlet

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