Lola’s Pug Brunch

On Sunday, Lola hosted a brunch for some of the neighborhood pugs. As an added bonus, the parents of said pugs were allowed to tag along.

There was an amazing spread of food for the humans. Much to Sid’s dismay, the bagels and lox were all kept well above pug-level, but there were plenty of dog toys to go around.

Lola was there, of course, along with Timothy Buttons (Sid’s girlfriend), Eddie, and Charlie. Lola got dressed up for the occasion in her bright yellow tee.

Eddie hopped up into his dad’s arms in order to work his way closer to the out-of-pug-reach quiche.

Sid latched on to Lola’s pink plush bee toy and basically spent 80% of the party with it in his mouth like a doofus. I guess it gave him an excuse to avoid any small-talk.

Lola and Timothy got the party started by breaking out the nyla-bone and battling each other for it.

…And all the while Sid kept relocating himself, with plush bee in tow, in order to avoid the action.

After a while, the pugs caught on that they were not going to be feasting on all the brunch goodies that the humans were eating so they started to raise a stink. However, a mutiny was avoided by Lola’s mom, who had the foresight to plan ahead with – get this – SMOOTHIES FOR DOGS!

Charlie: “Smoothies?! For Dogs?! Me want-ee!”

All the ears perked up when the box was brought out the freezer, even though none of the pugs had ever eaten one before. How is it that they know food from non-food (or maybe they just assume everything is food).

Sid sat like a good boy and waited as patiently as a pug can before he was given his Smoothie.

Time to Dig In!

Timothy had a better method for eating her Smoothie.

We can’t wait for the next pug brunch!!! Thank you to Lola and her parents for putting on such a great party for human and pug alike!

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6 Responses to “Lola’s Pug Brunch”

  1. avatar Payton Says:

    Sid, I don’t blame you for holding on to that bee toy. When you find a winner, you gotta keep it close or the others will figure out how cool it is! Of course, you totally made the right choice to ditch it in favor of the smoothies! Do you know where Lola’s mom got them? If they are grain-free, I’ll have to convince my mom to get me some.
    I must say that you look very macho in that white tank! Is that aqua collar new? That color looks really good on you, Sid! I don’t remember you talking about Charlie before…that pic of him is super cute with his eyes all bugged out at the thought of smoothies!
    Seems like all peeps and pugs had a blast! Hey Sid, do you think you can get me an invitation to the next pug brunch?

  2. avatar Noodles Says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Did you really say SMOOTHIES for DOGS!!!!????!!!! Excuse me while I dash to the store for one! Just what I needed today here in toasty Northern California.
    Thanks for sharing, Sid.
    Love Noodles

  3. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    Awesome party! We saw the dreidel toy in the background. We thought mom was crazy to buy Hanukkah fabric for bandannas to sell for our rescue. But there are Jewish pugs!

  4. avatar Lola Says:

    Sid, I love your story about my party! My grandma already called to tell me how cute all of my best friends are! And my aunt Mia asked if she could be an honorary Pug at the next Brunch (she is a shih tzu, never to be confused with a pug).

    Payton- My mommy and I went to Petco Unleashed for the smoothies. They are called “Cool Treats”. They are gluten, wheat & dairy free. And soo yummy… I just finished the last one after my bath. You are invited to my next brunch where we’ll have them again!

    Thank you again for your great story about the party Sid! See you this weekend at the park!

    Love Lola, the Kosher Pug

  5. avatar Suzy Says:

    That looks amazing & I’ll have to find those smoothies for dogs. Peanut butter is my Chloe’s fav 🙂

  6. avatar Nancy Jo Brown Says:

    Even though we do not have one we have the white dog walking club in our neighborhood. Many of our freinds have small, white fluffy dogs and they end up visiting at our corner with our beagle and cairne terrior. We have hosted dinners for them with dogs and humans all enjoying food, drinks and fun. Just one of many reasons dogs are a top priority!!!

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