The Little Details

By now, you probably all know what Sid looks like from a distance.


But today, I wanted to show some of the little pug details up close. Let’s start with his front paws. Sid has really long quicks, so his nails tend to be on the longer side since they can’t be trimmed very close.


Here’s his extra puffy tail (in uncurled mode). If you look closely you can even see a clump of loose fur sitting on top of his back. Yep, all that was just from a few butt scratches. Pugs are never-ceasing shedding machines.


And finally, here is one of his teeny back paws, one of my favorite parts. It’s amazing to me how those tiny little paws can support a pug’s body. Although I suppose around 80% of the pug’s weight distribution is up front, so those back paws don’t have to hold too much weight relatively speaking.


Oh, and one of my other favorite parts you can see in the photo above — THE SQUISHY ROLLS!!!

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One Response to “The Little Details”

  1. avatar Idaho PugRanch Says:

    Mom loves to hold my paws at night. And there is nothing cuter than a pug tail – except a pug mug!
    Hazel & Mabel

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