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Sid read about John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s famous Bed-In and now he told me he’s doing the same thing. Although instead of demanding an end to war, he’s demanding an end to freezing cold walks.


I think I’m going to join him as this is definitely one cause we can both get behind.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend (in bed perhaps).

Winter Frolic

After all the vet visits earlier this month (including a yearly check-up, rabies shot, dental cleaning, and a trip to the emergency vet after an episode that I shall refer to as “The Vomity Calamity”), Sid and I were happy to have a fairly normal and uneventful week or so.

Being that it is still mid-winter here, we did get some more snow this past Sunday, but just enough to make everything look pretty and not the kind of snow where people collapse on the street while attempting to extract their cars from gigantic fluffy white mounds.


Winnemac park looks especially beautiful with a coating of snow. We’ve been getting up earlier than usual now that sun comes up sooner, so our morning walks have been very pleasant.


The park holds all the wonderful smells that Sid dreams about each night. I think the snow must enhance the smells as he can spend a good five minutes with his snout plastered to the base of a light post.


He also gets to observe and greet fellow canines. Or, depending on the pooch in question, he’ll just huff and puff and eventually bark at them from a safe distance (as he is demonstrating above).


He will sometimes track human boot prints in hopes that he may eventually find the human and they will have treats for him.


If this little guy tracked you down through the snow-filled tundra, you’d reward him with some baby carrots, right?

Post-Dental Recup

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes during Sid’s dental cleaning. I always worry whenever he has to be given anesthesia and it was comforting to know everyone had their fingers and paws crossed for him.


I’m happy to report he made it through the cleaning A-OK and did not require any extractions. Woo hoo! So, needless to say, he has happily returned to his normal routine of being spoiled (rotten) with treats.

I only hope he’ll eventually forgive me for making him fast for so long!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Fasting Bites

Hi there Pug Slopers!

Sid here today. I’m sorry if I seem a little grouchy today. It’s because I’ve been FASTING.


If you’re a pug, the concept will be completely foreign to you because we are not programmed to fast. I had to look up the term on google and basically it means CHOOSING to NOT EAT. Sorry, my brain just fizzled for a second while I attempted to process that concept.

See, I have to get my teeth cleaned today and I’m not supposed to have anything in my system when they do the cleaning. So the last morsel of food I had was YESTERDAY at NOON! Can you believe it? I bet you can’t, but it is most certainly true.

It is NO FUN, let me tell you.

I keep giving my dad the stink eye, but I’ve been unable to break him like I usually can. He gives a deep sigh every time I follow him into the kitchen since he can’t even give me a tiny baby carrot. He can’t look me in the eye, which I think means my fasting is hard on him, too, because he does like to spoil me (most of the time).

Please send me good juju for my dental cleaning today. I don’t want ANY extractions and don’t want the bill to totally eradicate my treat funds, either. Let’s just get the teeth sparkly clean, the nails trimmed, and get back to our normal eating routine.

On the plus side, my Dad said that once I’m done with my dental, I’m going to get SPOILED with treats and even get some extras for the ones I missed while fasting. At least that is something to look forward to!