Splish Splash

How about those thunderstorms?!?!

If you live anywhere near the midwest you know what I’m talking about. We had some intense rainfall and thunderstorms the past few days. The plants around our neighborhood were certainly happy and it seems like anything green and leaved has doubled in size. The pug, however, wasn’t super thrilled about the rain and we had a couple walks where we both ended up drenched and miserable. Although once the rains stopped we were greeted with a gorgeous morning of fresh air, blue skies, and soft breezes.


There were also lots of sweet puddles throughout Winnemac Park which I think in Sid’s mind made up for all the trauma he experienced trying to poop while getting soaked the night before.





Did anyone else go play in some puddles today?

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4 Responses to “Splish Splash”

  1. avatar tweedles Says:

    we don’t have any puddles right now,,, but when we do , I will be sure to jump in them!

  2. avatar Idaho PugRanch Says:

    It rained and hailed here last night. Mom and I got stuck at the fairgrounds after class, cause it was raining so hard and thunder & lightning too. We stayed undercover till it stopped. It is warm and sunny today!
    Bailey & Hazel too

  3. avatar Retro rover Says:

    Puddles are such fun. Not much rain here
    Retro rover

  4. avatar Payton's mom Says:

    I think we might need an ark!

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