Stella Boo McMuffin’s Pug Slope Welcome Party!

Hey, did you hear the news?  Last weekend, Sid and Lola got to hang out with the fabulous Stella Boo McMuffin, sister of long-time Pug Slope commenter, Eddie the Pug!

Sid and Lola met up with Stella at the J.J. Byrne Dog Run in Park Slope for some afternoon off-leash partying.  Sid and Stella hit it off immediately due to their love of travel – Stella has lived in San Francisco, London, and now Brooklyn!  Another thing they had in common was their love of fancy posin’.

Fancy posin’ over here!

 Fancy posin’ over there!

Lola and Stella really hit it off too…

Lola was thrilled to share her favorite orange ball with Stella.

Yup, Lola was totally fine with this situation.

But, seriously, we had a blast and we hope Sid and Lola helped Stella feel welcome in her new city.  Now, who wants a treat?!

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10 Responses to “Stella Boo McMuffin’s Pug Slope Welcome Party!”

  1. avatar Eddie the Pug Says:

    Hi Sid,
    Stella told me that she had a blast at the park with Lola and you! She bragged about the BK weather being so nice…She and her momma had fun exploring Park Slope:) Stella needs a fancy shirt to look as stylish as you and Lola! I know she was so excited finally meet you “in the fur”…Fancy posin’ for sure!
    Wish I could have been there too,
    Eddie the Pug

  2. avatar Tesla Says:

    I love the last picture. Pugs in motion!

  3. avatar Payton Says:

    Hi Sid! What an awesome day at the park with friends! And your peeps got so many great pictures. They are all so good and you look cute always so I’m having a hard time picking a favorite.
    I got lucky and got to go for a walk and a romp in the back yard with Gampy. Mom is bummed she forgot to film it. Oh, well.
    Ps. Sid, you make friends with pugs that have the most original names ever!

  4. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    Whoo hoo! That looks like tons o’ fun! And Sid surrounded by all the ladies, you’ve become quite the ladies pug.


    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. avatar Stella Boo Says:

    I had the best time with you and Lola. We must do it again. Did I tell you that I snuck home to Greenpoint on the G train?! InDOGnito…Then I had Bloody Mary’s with my Gramma! Next time you should join.

  6. avatar Suki Says:

    Hi Sid,
    What a fun weekend! Friends, treats, running off leash…


  7. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    How nice of you to welcome a new pug to the city!

  8. avatar kate Says:

    Love the purple leopard, how stylin’

  9. avatar Melissa Langer Says:

    hi sid!
    oh my goodness!
    look at all the fun you had with your friends on a beeeautiful sunny day!
    your dad took fabulous photos to share!

  10. avatar Lola and Michelle Says:

    Hi Sid,

    I’m glad we got to give Stella a warm welcome to the pug club! As found members, we’ve got to screen our new smush faced friends first. hehe. Can’t wait to see her again soon! And my mom will work on getting me to share my toys, I know I can be a brat. But I’m so cute, right?

    Love, Lola

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