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Sleepytime Sid

After lunch, Sid likes to relax with a snore-filled afternoon nap in his cozy green bed. Be sure to turn up your speakers for full “Snore-o-phonic” sound.

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The Wave Walker

Hello to all my PSP’s (Pug Slope Pals)! It’s Sid with you today to close out the week and carry you into the weekend.

I hope everyone has been having a great summer so far and hasn’t been sweltering from the heat. The Chicago summer has been pretty mild so far so I’ve been able to go on a few long walks to the lakefront.


The first time my dad and I strolled to the lakefront this season, my dad brought along the camera and attempted to shoot some video of me enjoying the huge waves, the sand, and the sun. So without further ado:

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Hope you liked my movie! Have a relaxing and treat-filled weekend!


Just the other day, Sid got his first taste of jicama and now he’s a full-fledged jicamaniac. Be sure to turn up your speakers for the full “crunch-o-sonic” sound experience!

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Yesterday, we did some further experiments in the endless quest to keep a pug cool during the sweltering days of summer.

METHOD 1: COOLING HARNESS – Now this is how you keep cool in style. Sid received this sharp-looking harness from our fellow pug-blogger friend, Christy. It was handmade by her and fits Sid like a well-tailored suit. The main part of the harness is made out of a water-absorbing ShamWow-esque material. You just get the harness nice and wet with cold water, wring it out, and then slip in on. The harness stays nice and cool and the moisture also allows the breezes to provide some cooling action (since dogs don’t produce sweat on their bodies). Sid wore his on his walk and kept cool the whole time. We also stuck to routes along tree-lined streets that provide much-needed shade.



METHOD 2: TUB OF COOL WATER – After some failed attempts by Sid to jump into the tub while I was taking a shower (wish I could have got a photo of that somehow), I put him in the tub by himself with a few inches a cool water. I doused his back and belly using a small bucket. The cool water seemed to help quite a bit, but pretty soon he was counteracting the cooling of the water and working up a sweat by splashing water everywhere like a maniac (he has a strange obsession with water as you might recall).

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METHOD 3: BAG OF FROZEN PEAS UNDER A BLANKET – In retrospect, probably the worst idea for a food-crazed pug. He wouldn’t leave the bag alone and furiously kept digging until he unearthed it.



CONCLUSION: I need to get the A/C unit up from the basement and get it into a window – pronto!

The Citrus Moonwalk

Thank you to everyone for your concerns over Sid’s b.c. stash. After some initial hesitancy, Sid actually got talking to the Easter Bunny and pretty soon they were kicking back, sharing war stories, and both nibbling on baby carrots from Sid’s stash! It was a bit surreal.

I took a little trip for a few days last week so Sid was in the care of Aunt Anna and Uncle Andrew. Anna kept me updated with Sid’s shenanigans and apparently he was on very good behavior. I think was due to the fact that he got to spend lots of time cuddled up on the couch and was also treated to daily KONG’s filled with b.c.’s and peanut butter. I’m pretty such he was hoping that I would extend my trip for a couple more days.

Well, prior to my trip I was able to record Sid doing one of his “signature moves”, which I call “The Citrus Moonwalk”, although the word “Citrus” could probably be replaced with any type of edible, since he’s not very particular and is apt to unleash this same move with the promise of any kind of snack.


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Blueberry Harvesting

I know it’s not blueberry-picking season or anything (I am doubtful that any vegetation survived the “Polar Vortex” that whipped through Pug Slope last week) but Sid told me he’s been honing his blueberry harvesting technique and wanted to present a demonstration video for curious pugs out there that may want to study the ancient pug art of snatching tiny berries mid-air.

Without further adieu…

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The Whiner

Sid is going to hate me for posting this, but I think you all need to get the FULL STORY about Sid. At Pug Slope, we strive for HONESTY. Sid’s not always the calm, chilled-out dude he purports to be.

So, today I present another side of Sid. A side that makes an appearance every day precisely at noon – when I prepare his favorite lunchtime treat.

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