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Blueberry Harvesting

I know it’s not blueberry-picking season or anything (I am doubtful that any vegetation survived the “Polar Vortex” that whipped through Pug Slope last week) but Sid told me he’s been honing his blueberry harvesting technique and wanted to present a demonstration video for curious pugs out there that may want to study the ancient pug art of snatching tiny berries mid-air.

Without further adieu…

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The Whiner

Sid is going to hate me for posting this, but I think you all need to get the FULL STORY about Sid. At Pug Slope, we strive for HONESTY. Sid’s not always the calm, chilled-out dude he purports to be.

So, today I present another side of Sid. A side that makes an appearance every day precisely at noon – when I prepare his favorite lunchtime treat.

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Sid told me he had such a great time splashing in the waves last weekend with Donald and Daisy and their ‘rents, that he wanted to make an “epic video”. I think that is the only way to describe what he came up with. He said he consulted with tons of “reference” material to make sure he got all the details just right.

May I present to you Sid’s latest masterpiece — PUGWATCH!

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He told me to tell you all to watch it on youtube in HD because he spent “hours on the CGI” and also that he did all his own stunts.

It’s Chew Time!

After months of barely even touching his deer antler, this weekend Sid finally decided it was time to get down to some serious chewin’.

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Anyone else out there a fan of the deer antlers?

Wordless (though definitely not silent) Wednesday

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Baseball Fever

Hope you all had a relaxing FLAT PUG WEEKEND!

I know Sid mentioned in his last post that he was beat from all the activity last week. Well, today’s video will provide further explanation as to his strong desire to remain an F.P. all weekend long…

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Even though Sid is quite an athletic pug (I’ve come to accept that my boy is a “jock”), I was still shocked to find him utterly obsessed with baseball. I mean, I guess it is the “American Pastime” and everything, but he’s usually not interested in playing with a ball unless it’s stuffed with peanut butter or salmon treats. Boy was I wrong!

I think if we keep up training, he may be ready for the majors some day!

Beach Dog

Like Sid mentioned on Monday, we did head to the Montrose Dog Beach this past weekend. The sun was certainly nice and bright but it was still pretty cold out and the wind was quite blustery. Still, we had a blast.

Sid went bonkers when he reached the water. You probably are aware by now of his strange obsession with water. I was afraid he might head out to sea so I brought him a little further inland so he could sprint on the sand. Here’s a short video of the little guy at top speed!

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