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One year ago today, we took Sid with us on a trip to Cohasset, MA to visit my cousin, her family, and my parents who were also visiting. While we were there, we stopped into a pet boutique and Sid’s grandma bought Sid got a toy that is hand’s down his FAVORITE. It’s his plush mini frog that we refer to as “Froggie”.

Despite the tiny-ness and delicate-ness of Froggie, Sid has managed to make this prized possession last. Even though he chews on it for hours a day, he has not broken the squeaker or de-fluffed it. It is also his toy of choice for playing catch. After seeing how much he loved the toy, we ordered some more from Amazon just in case the first one ever became destroyed or lost. Even though the second frog looks exactly the same, he still gravitates to the original one.

What is your  favorite toy? (or your pet’s for those humans that read our blog)

P.S. The voting is closed for the Curly Tail Pug Rescue Calendar contest. For some reason the “Chip In” links still show that it is open until October 21st, but that isn’t the case according to their website. Thank you all for your votes – it looks like Sid’s photo may have gotten beat at the last second, but we’ll wait for the official results from Curly Tail.

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9 Responses to “Favorite Toy”

  1. avatar Payton Says:

    Hi Sid,
    That first picture of you is one of my favorites! I bet it’s not easy to be so handsome! Before I got sick, there was no doubt that my most favorite toy was the smallest size Galileo bone by Nylabone. But since I can’t chew on anything hard, my new favorite would have to be Cuz, I guess. But lately I’ve been on a kick with my skinnneeez squirrel and big stuffed bunny. I always rummage through the toy basket and see what I’m in the mood for on any given day.
    PS. Our paws are crossed for you to make the calendar…we hope there is still a chance!

  2. avatar Maddie Says:

    Hi Sid –

    My favorite toy is definitely my Mrs. Moo Cow. It is just like your squeaky snake, but it’s a cow! I read your blog everyday. I wish I could find a boyfriend like you down here in Alabama. All my boyfriends are big black labs. I like them a lot, but it sure would be nice to hang out with something as handsome as you!

    Kisses –

    Maddie the Pug

  3. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    Well, even if you maybe gotten beaten at the last second we still think you’re number one Sid. Scarlet’s favorite toy is her long skinny leopard dog from Petco tied with the Santa Claus the belonged to her lab sister Nicki. It’s tough to decide which one she likes better, she seems to give them equal torture, er, play time.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. avatar Suzy Says:

    I love your shark hoodie & froggy! My Chloe loves ALL squeaky toys but her Hide-a-squirrel is probably her fav. The goes nutso (heh) over it xoxo

  5. avatar Noodles Says:

    It is a TIE for MY favorite toy between my beloved Sock Monkey and my constant companion Loofa Dog. I am careful not to break a seam or squeaker in those toys because the minute I do – WHAM!!! Into the trash it goes.
    Love Noodles

  6. avatar Macho Says:

    We don’t like chewing on toys… mom thinks we are weird. We all like chewing on bully sticks.
    But each of us have our own special thing we like to nibble on.
    I, Macho likes to nibble on my mommy’s hair. Mochi likes to nibble on her right paw. and Marshmallow likes to nibble on my ear.. so annoying


  7. avatar Sid Says:

    Hi, Payton – I used to lurve nylabones, too, but when I fractured a molar due to my intense chewing, my ‘rents took all of them away. Oh, well. While I do love my Froggie, I also play with my flat raccoon a lot, too. I think it’s very similar to your skinnneeez squirrel.

    Hey there, Maddie – your Mrs. Moo Cow toy sounds awesome. The more squeakers the better. Maybe I came come down to Alabama and we can go on a pug date…do you know which subway train I take to get to Alabama? Is it near Queens?

    Hiya, Scarlet – I have a skinny raccoon, but I’ve never seen a skinny leopard before! Sounds cool.

    Hi, Chloe – you have a hide-a-squirrel, too?! I love that thing. After playing with it so much, I’m considering becoming a professional squirrel hunter. My parents bought an extra pack of squirrels to really pack the stump, but I can still get all the squirrels out in under 30 seconds.

    Howdy, Noodles – It really is hard to pick a favorite. I have a sock monkey, too, but it doesn’t really speak to me. However, my girlfriend, Timothy Buttons, can’t get enough of that sock monkey. To each his own, I guess. You certainly have incentive to keep those toys in good condition! My ‘rents have talked about tossing some of my “crustier” toys, but I convince them otherwise by doing some cute poses with the toy – they let me keep it then. Maybe that would work for you.

    -Love, Sid.

  8. avatar Sid Says:

    Hi, Macho – you guys don’t like toys?! I bet your house is really clean cuz ours is basically filled with my toys everywhere (as it should be, of course!). I can’t have bullies due to my allergies, although all my pug friends at the dog park swear by them.

    Oh, and Marshmellow – stop chewing on your brother’s ear!
    -Love, Sid.

  9. avatar Bellatrix Says:

    Has to be my Flappy, with a close second for my Kong Wubba…I’m on Flappy number 2, because the first one started to leak….

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