Friday Frog Fetching

Sid and I have this game we play called Froggie Catch. It basically consists of me tossing his mini plush frog (one of his favorite toys) to him from varying distances. He’s actually gotten quite good at catching the frog.

Here’s a little “highlight reel” from our last game. Sorry it’s on the dark side – it has been overcast quite a bit in NYC lately. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to “Friday Frog Fetching”

  1. avatar Marshmallow Says:

    Not only are you smart but you’re athletic too.

    Wowed by your skills

  2. avatar Payton Says:

    Wow, Sid! You were on fire in that video! You are like a super star athlete. Maybe you should try out for the Mets or Yankees and help them with their playoff hopes? I used to love playing catch with a plush football that my dad got me, but now that I can’t see very well, it’s too frustrating for me. Oh, well. Hope you have a treat-filled weekend!
    PS. I’m still blushing over your extra nice comment on Friday…the flowers were for my mom for helping out with a co-workers retirement party. You can send me flowers anytime!

  3. avatar Oisín Says:

    Wow Sid your really good, I could be good too but I get distracted to easily, so ya, well done 😀


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