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Leggin’ It to Legge Park

Sid and I spent a few days out in the suburbs visiting my family. Early one morning, the two of us hopped in my mom’s car and took a little jaunt over to Katherine Legge Park in the town of Hinsdale.


During the early morning and evening hours, large sections of the park available for dogs to run off leash. Just look at all those lovely trees and lush grassy fields!


Sid got super excited as soon as his paws hit the ground and he took off exploring the rolling hills.


After he romped around for a bit, his eyes caught something really interesting.


It was the small winding creek that runs through the entire off-leash section of the park.


Of course, he had to go in for a closer look. You all are probably aware of his obsession with water!



Sid felt like a real “king of the hill” while there! We can’t wait to go back again next time we’re out visiting the fam!



Just the other day, Sid got his first taste of jicama and now he’s a full-fledged jicamaniac. Be sure to turn up your speakers for the full “crunch-o-sonic” sound experience!

Waitin’ For a Train

Sorry we’ve been absent for a bit. Sid and I have been travelling back and forth between the city and the suburbs this past week for some activities with the family and haven’t spent much time online.

We have, however, spent a decent amount of time in transit or waiting for trains, which Sid doesn’t mind at all since he gets a the steady flow of treats while he’s in his travel bag.


Now put that tongue away so I can zip you up, dude – the train’s arriving!

Tongue-out Temperatures

We’ve had some really sunny and warm weather here in Chicago which has been lovely. And when the sun comes out, so does the tongue. Well, Sid’s tongue I mean.


So many flowers are in full bloom…


…but no time to stop for a sniff today because we’ve got to get this pug hydrated!


Back to the Pug Slope Headquarters where your pre-cooled water awaits!