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Sid is the CHOMPion, My Friends…

And he’ll keep on CHOMPIN’ til the end!


No time for CHEWERS ’cause SID is the CHOMPion…OF THE WORLD!!


Dudes ‘N’ Carrots ‘N’ Faye

This past weekend, NYC’s heatwave broke and the temps finally sank below the pug-melting range. To celebrate, Sid, Jenn, and I headed to Prospect Park for the morning off-leash hours.

After a bit of strolling (Jenn and I) and sniffing (Sid), we ran into Sid’s buddy, Eddie (not to be confused with Sid’s OTHER pug pal named Eddie who lives in San Francisco).

“I’m Eddie. From Brooklyn. What’s a San Francisco?”

Once Sid and Eddie got together, it became “Dude Time”. There was no Lola, no Miss Timothy Buttons, no LADY-PUGS. PERIOD.

D O O O D Z Z Z ! ! !

Dude Time basically consists of sniffing various tall blades of grass and/or low branches and marking them. Based on what I’ve gleamed from Sid, Dude Time works even if you don’t have any pee left; the leg-lift motion alone is apparently enough.

The Dudes, locating the absolute BEST spot.

After Dude Time, Carrot Time logically followed (logically from a pug’s point of view). As soon as the plastic bag of carrots was revealed, Sid hit the deck into “Deep Jimmy” mode.

Eddie preferred a more dignified posture (he is half-British after all).

Sid gulped down carrots left and right but Eddie was a bit more apprehensive. Compared to a bully stick, a carrot seemed a bit “blah”.

 Sid had no trouble with this arrangement and quickly scooped up Eddie’s scraps.

“You’re definitely right, Eddie, Carrots (MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH) are gross, I don’t think you should eat any of them (CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH).”

And then, smack dab in the middle of Carrot Time, the most amazing creature The Dudes had ever seen approached. They were utterly perplexed as to what sort of animal was standing before them.

“Yo! I’m Faye. Yeah, I got a big bushy mustache. SO WHAT?! You pugs gonna do anything about it?”

“Um, no, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am. Have a good day!”



Ermagersh, guys.  So, I’ve been sitting up here at the new PLANET COOL SID / Pug Slope Headquarters, and it’s been fine and everything, but I’m way too far away from Timothy Buttons’ house now for daily play dates, and it’s been too hot and mugg-tastic to meet her in the park, so I’ve had to be content with just visiting her Tumblr once a day and reminiscing about our days in the South Slope.

I mean, she came up here to the new HQ that one day, and I showed off my couch climbing skillz and I didn’t even need a confidence shirt (hey, Weasley – lookin’ good, little man!), but I’m so mad at myself because I didn’t even, like, pay attention to her or listen to her while she was blabberin’ away about whatever ladies blab about because I just wanted to show off my mad skillz and pose for pictures.  At the old HQ, she used to come over all the time, so I guess I may have taken her presence for granted.

Wearing my inner confidence shirt.  Oh, and Timothy’s there on the right.


I went to go look at Timothy’s Tumblr today on Mom’s computer, and Mom had left her iPhoto open, and there were all of these NEW photos with Timothy Buttons and I don’t remember being at any of these photo sessions which means MY MOM has been hanging out with MY LADY without MY KNOWLEDGE!!

Apparently she walks all the way down to T-Buttzville WITHOUT ME three (3!) times a week, and they talk about me or look at pictures of me or make fun of me or plan pranks they’re going to play on me or WHATEVER.  I mean, maybe they don’t even talk about me at all, but that’s too horrible to even think about, because if they’re not talking about me, then who or what are they talking about??!  WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITHOUT ME?!

Here’s what I can gather from the photos:





Ahem…I apologize for raising my voice…it’s just…BACON?!?!!!!!!?!REALLY?!!?!

I mean, I guess it’s good that my mom and my lady get along, but I’m not sure how I feel about this…

‘Cause Pugs Like Us, Baby We Were Born to Run!

“The Boss” had to be carried home from the park that day…

Pug-a-way Beach

Sid had his lady-friend, Miss Timothy Buttons, over to the Pug Slope Headquarters for a play date yesterday afternoon.  The weather was so nice outside, they both wanted to go swimming at the Prospect Park dog beach.  Unfortunately, I was taught that you don’t go swimming before Memorial Day (I have no idea where my mom came up with that one), so Sid and T-Buttz had to settle for the “beach” in our bathroom.

This deception compromise was a win-win for everybody, because these pugs were kinda ripe.  And, really, is the bath all that different than the beach?

Sid loves baths so he was on board right away, exclaiming over and over that he finds the beach to be sooooo relaxing, but by the time the suds were applied, I could tell that Timothy Buttons was getting suspicious.

Luckily, by the time she brought up the fact that her parents don’t normally slather her fur with conditioner at the beach, the official “bath time” was over and “post-bath-beach CRAZY time” had begun:


Once we got the post-bath ya-yas out of everybody’s system, Sid and T-Buttz were ready for some strollin’ in the park.  Gotta show off those squeaky-clean coats!

Spring has Sprung! ACK! IMPORTANT UPDATE!

Well, after surviving the mildest East Coast Winter EVER (did we even get any snow?), today we celebrate the official arrival of Spring.

We implore all of you to follow Sid’s simple guidelines for a successful Spring Equinox Celebration: go outside for a nice, sunny walk in Prospect Park with your favorite treat-giving humans, and while you’re there, be sure to take some time to stop and eat smell the daffodils!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: SID DID NOT ACTUALLY EAT ANY DAFFODILS DURING THIS PHOTO SHOOT, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! After making what I thought was an innocent joke, I hopped over to our good friend Google to do some Googlin’, and apparently Daffodils are highly toxic for dogs.  Like, beyond toxic.  Lethal.  Especially the bulb but apparently a small nibble of any part of the plant could make you guys sick.  So, yeah, DO NOT EAT THE DAFFODILS!!!


Tough ‘Taters

So, I told Sid how much you guys loved the video he made about his favorite new potato toy, and now he’s sitting in the corner moping and listening to Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” on repeat.  He says he can’t believe that I posted his private video on the blog and now everybody’s gonna think he’s all sappy and mushy, and he says that video was for Tater’s eyes only and if he knew how to use YouTube better he would’ve password-protected it because it was personal.  I tried to tell him that the ladies like a sensitive man, but he’s not hearing it.  He suggested that I could repair the damage to his reputation by posting some of the photos I took of him and Tater where he looks like a tough guy: