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Massachusetts Road Trip! (part two)

The second day of our visit to Massachusetts started with a trip to downtown Hingham, which is a neighboring town of Cohasset. There were many cute little shops, including a pet store called Maggie’s Dog House where Sid was immediately and thoroughly spoiled by his grandma, Mary. But, really, how could anyone resist Sid when he puts on what we refer to as his “teddy bear” face?

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Massachusetts Road Trip! (part one)

Nothing beats an autumn drive through New England, so when we heard that Ma and Pa Demski were flying to Massachusetts to visit Brian’s cousins, Dave and Kathy, we promptly strapped Sid into a rental car and hit the BQE for our first official road trip as New Yorkers.

Sid does really well in the car.

Let me restate that.

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The World is Sid’s Bolster II

Nothings says “comfort” like the countertop of a kitchen island.

Sid vs. The Carrot

Sid had a great weekend with his extended family in Massachusetts (more on that tomorrow) and to reward him for his good behavior while he was there we got him a treat. Not just any treat – this was something entirely new. Sid has had his fair share of baby carrots – rather than chew them he prefers to just swallow them whole making us wonder if he evens realizes when he has just eaten one. We decided it was time to up the ante…

“Ladies and gentlemen, on the left side of the ring/bed, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 21 lbs, and wearing the striped collar – Siddddddddhartha Lamonnnnnnt!”

And on the right, hailing from Cohasset, Massachusetts, weighing in at 2 and a half ounces, and wearing orange – the Carrrrrrrrrrot!”

The crowd waited with anticipation for the bell to start round one…

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The World is Sid’s Bolster

We’ve been so busy doing exciting things that we now have a back-log of exciting things to post!  It may take a few days to sort through all of this excitement, so in the meantime I’m starting a new Pug Slope photo series entitled “The World is Sid’s Bolster.”  The photos in this series will provide photographic evidence that, to Sid, everything is fair game when it comes to finding a place to rest his giant pug head.

In today’s photos, Sid claims my spine as his pillow:

Talk about lumbar support. (ba-dum ching!)

Law and Order: Spoiled Pugs Unit

On Saturday, October 9th, Siddhartha Lamont Sanchez Demski was found in his Park Slope walk-up, SPOILED beyond the legal limits set by the legislators of these five boroughs.

Let the evidence show that on that day, Grammy Grace came down for a visit with the sole intention of showering Mr. Sid with treats, toys, and snuggles.

Exhibit A –  Two (2) LARGE boxes of delicious, all-natural, organic, hypo-allergenic, wheat-free, meat-free, crunchy dog treats:

Exhibit B – A brand-new, seasonally-appropriate plush toy:

Exhibit C – A photo of Siddhartha with Grammy Grace at the Prospect Park Dog Beach:

Would a pug whose grammy wasn’t spoiling him with massive quantities of delicious treats and brand new plush toys choose to stand on a bench with her over playing in the water? Would he?!

(It’s at this point that the Assistant District Attorney realizes his case isn’t as air-tight as it should be.  He calls for a recess, gathers his detectives, and shouts, “I need more evidence!”  Then Benson and Stabler, or Goren and Eames, or Lennie Briscoe and whoever his partner is in whichever season’s rerun you’re watching, go back over the case and stumble upon the key piece of the puzzle, making a conviction inevitable)

Ladies and gentlemen of the court,

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Do Pugs Dream of Electric Squirrels?

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