Dreams DO Come True!

Sid’s dreams of aviation are about to come true!

That’s right!  The Pug Slope team will be putting on their brave faces this holiday season as they zip Sid into a bag, head to a jam-packed airport, remove him from a bag, walk him through security, zip him back into a bag, carry him aboard a plane, and then stow him under the seat in front of them for the duration of a two-hour flight to beautiful Chicago where they’ll be spending the Christmas holiday with Brian’s family!

This is our first time flying with Sid, and we’re pretty sure it’s his first time flying EVER, so we’re trying really hard to not be neurotic about the whole fiasco.  Really hard.  That being said, the brand new Sherpa bag that we ordered from Amazon already came in the mail – we wanted to make sure Sid had enough time to get accustomed to being inside it before taking off.

Sid’s taking his travel-bag training VERY seriously:

Any advice for staying calm while flying with a pug?  We’re kinda freaking out… Tell us it’s all going to be okay!

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6 Responses to “Dreams DO Come True!”

  1. avatar Payton Says:

    Hey, Sid! You made us smile from ear to ear with that video. I can’t believe how well you are adjusting to the bag. A LONG time ago my ‘rents got me a green Sherpa. I don’t know why and I don’t think they remember either! I wasn’t too keen on it, but maybe because they didn’t pass out the treats like your dad was. Keep training and good luck! I’m excited to hear all about it…wink, wink!
    PS. My friend Suki has flown a couple times, so maybe she has some good advice.

  2. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    You looked like a Pug-in-a-Box Sid! That made us giggle!

    Scarlet flew from Louisiana to Rhode Island to be with us. I’d like to say she flew first class but it was in cargo. We haven’t flown with her since so we don’t have any advice. But we’re sure it will all go well since Sid gets to ride in the cabin with you.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. avatar Ellen & Noodle Says:

    Noodle (my 4.5 year old pug) has been flying with me since he was a wee 3-month-old pup! I have a few tips…
    1. keep the travel bag out and encourage sid to spend time in it (based on the video, this won’t be a problem).
    2. if your flight is early in the morning, don’t give him his breakfast or much water so as to avoid any kind of unfortunate potty incidents.
    3. when you get to the airport, check in and check your bags and THEN take him out for one last potty break before his great flying adventure.
    4. regardless of what the signs say, most airports are actually fine with you letting your pug walk on his leash (as opposed to you toting him around in his travel bag). i usually keep noodle bagged up through the security stuff and then, once we’re in the safe-zone i let him walk.
    5. take LOTS of treats with you on the flight so you can feed them to sid during the boarding process. Noodle’s great when we’re on the plane and actually moving, but if there’s a lot of sitting on the runway he gets really mad and starts to try to dig a whole to china in the back of his bag. to avoid said activity, he receives copious amounts of treats. once we take off he’s usually fast asleep for the duration of the flight.
    6. on the plane, if sid is awake, give him an ice cube or two from your drink to keep him hydrated.
    7. in case of emergency, take some baby benedryl (or your favorite allergy medication) for sid and feed it to him if he starts to freak out. i’ve never had to do this for Noodle, but it makes me feel better to know that i have it in the event of emergency.
    8. when getting off the plane, take sid outside to go potty immediately and THEN go back into the airport to get your checked bags. or, since there are two of you, divide and conquer.

    i’m sure you’ll all be fine–and i’m sure sid will get LOADS of attention at the airport and on the plane. Noodle loves traveling so much that i have to hide his travel bag until the very last minute before we leave my apartment. otherwise he just crawls into it and sits there for hours before we leave. if you’re flying from LGA at the ass-crack of dawn on the 22nd maybe i’ll see you there (heading to STL that morning).

    Happy Trails!
    Ellen & Noodle

  4. avatar Myko the Pug Says:

    Hi there,

    I have been flying with my mom since I was a puppy (and I am 8 years old), so my advice would be to follow Ellen and Noodle’s advice, and make sure to put a tag on the outside of the bag that says “Live Animal,” bring a good bone so if you are stuck, Sid does not get too antsy. My mom also makes my treats super small, so that when we land and everyone is getting up and I want to get out of the bag she tosses them in my bag and it takes me a while to find them.

    We have not flown out of LGA before, but JFK can be a pain about keeping me in the bag. I always go on the plane with the bag closed, and then once I sit down my mom opens the bag up enough so that I can monitor the situation. (Once we were yelled at my a stewardess to keep the bag closed)

    I second the baby benedryl, but no sedatives, they are not good for the smooshed faces. Oh and make sure to get Sid’s certificate at the vet to fly.

    It can be kind of a pain, but it is totally worth it once you get to your destination! Excited for the pictures

    Pug Love
    Myko in SF

  5. avatar Suki Says:

    Hi Sid,
    You are adorable in the video. I’m flying again this year too! You & I will be in the same state. How cool is that!
    Noodle has good advice. Especially food & water. Do you have a collapsible bowl for water? It comes in handy. Going thru security was a breeze, Mom just carried me & my carrier went thru the X-ray thing. My harness didn’t even make the scanner beep. I got so much attention, it was like being a rock star. Human’s pulled out camera, phones & started taking pictures.

    Here’s a secret. Once on the plane, be sure to ask the flight attendant or pilot for your first set of wings. I got mine last year. Then you will be an official pug pilot.

    You will do just fine. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.


  6. avatar Suzy Says:

    Hey Sid-that sounds like a great adventure! I’m sure you will be fine (but I’m more worried about your parents, lol). My friend Minnie & her brother Lincoln are experienced flyers so check out their blog for some tips 🙂 http://aminnieminute.blogspot.com/2011/08/flying-pug-style.html

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