Calendar Boy

Curly Tail Pug Rescue has just posted the entries for their 2012 Pug-a-Month Calendar. Now the voting process begins.

Each vote costs $1 and of course the money goes to the rescue to benefit pugs in need.

Let’s try to get Sid on one of the months!

They split up all the entries into individual months and Sid’s been nominated for August and October (which is actually the month in which Sid and I both celebrate our birthdays!).

Some of our regular commenters – Mochi, Macho, and Mashmallow – are also in the competition (see February and May) so please cast some votes for them as well!

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6 Responses to “Calendar Boy”

  1. avatar Payton Says:

    There are a lot of cute puggies in that contest, but Sid, you are super handsome and should win by a landslide! My Gammy is just in love with you and your cuteness so I keep her updated on all of your posts. Anyway, I’m going to have mom vote for you, but the last time we tried to use the chip-ins it wouldn’t take our credit card…so we’ll see…paws crossed! Good luck Sid and keep us posted! Good luck to Mochi, Macho, and Marshmallow too – very cute pics also!

  2. avatar Marshmallow Says:

    Hi Sid thanks for the shout out.

    Mommies are gonna donate their vote for you and us today. Hope we get in. But I’m so embarrass with my photo. Why did she had to choose a photo that has me all spread out like that.

    Your faithful student

  3. avatar Suzy Says:

    Mr. Marshmellow-I think your pic is cute. Are you sleeping or hoping for a belly rub? Or both?

    I voted for you, Sid xooxo

  4. avatar Payton Says:

    I borrowed Gampy’s credit card cause mom’s wouldn’t work…something about dad’s pay pal account being in limbo. Anway, so we voted for you Sid! Hope you win both months!

  5. avatar Sid Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how many votes there are already. The competition is pretty fierce. There’s a lot more pugs out there that know a thing or two about “workin’ it” in front of the camera than I realized.

    Payton – be sure to give your Gampy some extra licks for letting you borrow his card! And thank you so much for your vote!

    Marshmallow – I think you look great in your photo. You’re in tip top shape – look at those abs!

    Suzy – Thank you for voting for me! I hope you voted for Marshmallow, too!

    I’m keeping my paws crossed everyone!
    -Love, Sid.

  6. avatar Bellatrix Says:

    Hi! i’m new to yer bloggy! I found it by accident, but I like it, it’s sooper puggy!

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