Dudes ‘N’ Carrots ‘N’ Faye

This past weekend, NYC’s heatwave broke and the temps finally sank below the pug-melting range. To celebrate, Sid, Jenn, and I headed to Prospect Park for the morning off-leash hours.

After a bit of strolling (Jenn and I) and sniffing (Sid), we ran into Sid’s buddy, Eddie (not to be confused with Sid’s OTHER pug pal named Eddie who lives in San Francisco).

“I’m Eddie. From Brooklyn. What’s a San Francisco?”

Once Sid and Eddie got together, it became “Dude Time”. There was no Lola, no Miss Timothy Buttons, no LADY-PUGS. PERIOD.

D O O O D Z Z Z ! ! !

Dude Time basically consists of sniffing various tall blades of grass and/or low branches and marking them. Based on what I’ve gleamed from Sid, Dude Time works even if you don’t have any pee left; the leg-lift motion alone is apparently enough.

The Dudes, locating the absolute BEST spot.

After Dude Time, Carrot Time logically followed (logically from a pug’s point of view). As soon as the plastic bag of carrots was revealed, Sid hit the deck into “Deep Jimmy” mode.

Eddie preferred a more dignified posture (he is half-British after all).

Sid gulped down carrots left and right but Eddie was a bit more apprehensive. Compared to a bully stick, a carrot seemed a bit “blah”.

 Sid had no trouble with this arrangement and quickly scooped up Eddie’s scraps.

“You’re definitely right, Eddie, Carrots (MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH) are gross, I don’t think you should eat any of them (CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH).”

And then, smack dab in the middle of Carrot Time, the most amazing creature The Dudes had ever seen approached. They were utterly perplexed as to what sort of animal was standing before them.

“Yo! I’m Faye. Yeah, I got a big bushy mustache. SO WHAT?! You pugs gonna do anything about it?”

“Um, no, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am. Have a good day!”


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5 Responses to “Dudes ‘N’ Carrots ‘N’ Faye”

  1. avatar Suki Says:

    Hi Sid,

    Faye looks like a dr. Suess artoon character. Mom saw the picture & said out loud “What is that?!”. Hehee, snort.

    Enjoy your cooler temperatures, it was 103 here today. I’m still hibernating.


  2. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ (@MeredithLeBlanc) Says:

    We agree, Faye is totally a Dr.Suess charater! But can she jimmy?

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. avatar Southern Fried Pugs Says:

    Dude, what the heck kind of dog was that? Did she steal your carrots?

  4. avatar Urban Hounds Says:

    OMP she is too cute, reminds us of Dr. Z

    urban hounds

  5. avatar Payton's mom Says:

    Sid, your dude day sounded like so much fun. Try adding bacon next time…I bet that would take guy time to the next level. Especially if Eddie isn’t keen on it and let’s you have the scraps again. And you must tell us what kind of pug mix Faye is!!

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