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Stuff ‘n’ Puff

When the weather gets brutally cold and I find myself cooped up at home, I finally find that I have time to do those little projects that I had put on the back burner during the more pleasant summer months when all I wanted to spend every minute outside.

Today’s project involved one of Sid’s many beds. He was given this bed as a gift for his 7th birthday back when he called NY home. While the sturdy material the bed is fashioned from had stood up well after repeated washings and feverish digging/nesting sessions courtesy of Sid, over time the stuffing had compressed and the bed just looked flat and sad.


During the summer, when I got the idea for this project, I had picked up a bag of fiber fill from Joann Fabrics for this very purpose. I wasn’t sure how much to get so I got a rather large bag (thinking I might eventually re-stuff one of his other beds, too!).


Plumping up the bed was much easier than I had anticipated. First, I took the bed to the laundromat and put it through the hot wash cycle to get it squeaky clean. I hope Sid doesn’t mind that the patches of peanut butter that were mashed into the fiber are now long gone!

I then cut a hole big enough for my hand to fit into on the underside of the bed and finally got to the fun part: I just began stuffing fistfuls of the fiber fill into the bed (making sure to pack it in tightly) and distributing it evenly throughout all the nooks and crannies. As you can see from the photo above, I ended up using up over half the bag! My Sid will not stand for a saggy bolster.

Then a quick row of stitches to seal up the hole and PRESTO! Good as new! In fact, BETTER THAN NEW!


I think he likes it, wouldn’t you agree?

Frosty Flakes

We’ve been keeping up with our friends and family members out on the East Coast and it looks like Jonas brought in more snow then we’ve seen here in Chicago this winter so far. I’m sure we’ll be getting more inches (or feet???) as the winter wears on but just the other day we woke up and were greeted with a nice dusting of huge fluffy flakes.


We were very lucky as I know some folks in Washington DC, Boston, and NY are dealing with much-taller-than-a-pug drifts of snow!


We hope you are all staying warm and safe out there!

(Indoor) Sunbathing 101

We are well into the throes of a frigid winter, and unless you are reading this in Florida or southern California, you are probably looking for a simple method to keep from freezing.

Well, my friends, you’re in luck because today Sid would like to show you his favorite technique for beating the cold: Sunbathing! Indoors!


The first step is to bundle up in some thick warm apparel, preferably dark in color (it absorbs the heat better). You might try a cozy fleece sweater similar to the one our model is sporting.


The next step is to locate the spot in your home with maximum sun exposure. Keep in mind this spot will slowly move throughout the day, so be prepared to shift every hour or so.


Sprawl out in a comfortable position and start absorbing those wonderful warm sun beams. That’s it!


Good luck keeping warm folks!


With just a few hours to go before the big Powerball drawing, Sid made me run down to the corner liquor store to pick his numbers.


He told me he plans to do the following if he wins the $1.5 billion:

1. Fly all his canine friends (and their humans) from around the world to Chicago for an “epic” play date and treat binge.
2. Donate $1 million to each pug rescue organization.
3. Purchase a few more confidence shirts as most of his are pretty threadbare.
4. Buy a rustic vacation home on a baby carrot farm.
5. Nap more

Also, he added that even though I paid the $20 for the tickets, we are by no means “going splitsies” on the winnings. Apparently, since they are HIS numbers, HE gets full determination as to what happens to any winnings. Well, we’ll see how far he gets without me when he tries to claim his prize.

Anyone else get their tickets?!

Resolution Fail

Hi, my friends! It’s Sid with you today as my Dad has been buried under with work from his
“day job” and has been slacking at his pug-blogging duties (not to mention his pug-spoiling duties, but I’ll get to that in a minute). That’s why I gotta take charge here.


First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you wonderful folks! I hope you all got to celebrate the New Year in style.

Although I normally tend to live in the moment (or just nap), I do occasionally find time for some self-reflection, goal-setting, and taking a look at the bigger picture. So on January 1st, like I imagine many of you probably did, I set up a New Year’s resolution for myself. Something very near and dear to my heart.

However, with only one week into 2016, I’m saddened to report that I have already failed at fulfilling my 2016 resolution. However, the failure was not due to my lack of diligence or dedication but in fact was due to powerful outside forces. Well, actually one force: My doofus Dad.

I mean, how I am I supposed to meet my resolution of eating one whole bag of baby carrots per week when he KEEPS THEM LOCKED AWAY IN THE FRIDGE and only gives me like TWO B.C.’s PER DAY! It’s not fair I tell you!

Did anyone else have their glorious New Year’s resolutions thwarted by their human(s)?