A Funny Feeling

Hey Slope-o-philes!

Sid here today closing out this week. I hope everyone has something fun going on this weekend!

So guys, the other day on my walk I got this peculiar feeling. A feeling like I was being watched.


Has that ever happened to you? And I don’t mean that usual weird feeling of your human watching you while you poop. I’d already instructed my dad long ago to look away while I do my business so I can have a little privacy. This was something different.

I don’t know, I just had this funny feeling of eyes peering at me. I just can’t figure out why. Hmm…


P.S. How do you like my NEW MASTHEAD?! It has been a while since I changed it and I had such a fun day at the beach last Friday I thought I’d use a picture from that adventure. I hope you like it!

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10 Responses to “A Funny Feeling”

  1. avatar Princess Leah Says:

    I finks your new banner is just pawfect Sid, a great way to rembers the lovely day at the beach.
    Now, about that other thingy……well…all I can say (like what they shout in pantomimes)
    BEHIND YOU !!!!!

  2. avatar retro rover Says:

    oh wow they are really checking you out and love the new banner

    retro rover

  3. avatar Meredith & Scarlet Says:

    We LOVE the new masthead!

    As for the owls, spooky and cool…

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. avatar stella rose Says:

    Oh we love those little owls in the tree, I wonder who did that…we also like your picture at the beach..you look so happy.
    stella rose

  5. avatar Noodles Says:

    What Tha?????
    Love the beach masthead. You look so handsome sitting on the beach.
    Love Noodles

  6. avatar Idaho PugRanch Says:

    Ok something is wrong here – WE do not see the new masthead! But we liked your beach pics the other day. and love the owls in the tree!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. avatar tweedles Says:

    I think its fantastic!! I love it! I thought the “hooties” we real.

  8. avatar Steve Inman Says:

    Simply fabulous!


  9. avatar Payton's mom Says:

    Sid, you are such a cool dude that those wise owls knew they could learn from you! Love the first photo (extra cool) and the masthead (the colors and design are spot on and makes us miss Chicago).

  10. avatar Linda Says:

    Love the new masthead, Sid!

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