Sid’s Best Day Ever

After Sid’s Christmas 2010 “Blizzard of Toys” (parts 1 and 2), you’d think we would take a break from spoiling the little dude and let our bank account recover. We’ll, you’d be wrong.

Whenever we order stuff from Amazon, we always wind up tacking a dog toy or seven onto the order. So when Jenn ordered her 2011 desk calendar on December 22nd, we added on a few items for the Sid-man. Whether it was the blizzard, the free super-saver shipping, or the general holiday craziness, we’ll never know, but our package wound up getting severely delayed.

It finally showed up today.

Remember the baby frog that Sid got from Grandma Demski back in October? Well, he had practically worn the thing out from chewing and licking and other forms of man-handling, so he was practically floored when a brand spanking new one showed up today in the package from Amazon.

After a swipe with his deft hand, Sid knocked Frog 2.0™ to the floor and began the process of attacking it via a method referred to as “death by saliva”.

We tried to get the frog away from Sid at one point but he gave us the crazy-bugged-eyes-mini-tongue look. We quickly returned the frog back to its manic captor and slowly backed out of the room.

So Frog 2.0™ can be considered part one of Sid’s Best Day Ever. Part two involved the imbecilic blunder performed by Sid’s well-meaning parents (i.e., Jenn and I).

Sid usually eats dinner at 5pm, the same time I usually sign off from work (Jenn and I both work from home in case you didn’t already know). Today, Jenn had to meet a friend around the same time. When 5 o’clock rolled around, I was still working and was distracted by an important phone call. While I was occupied by the phone call, Jenn gave Sid his dinner and headed off to meet her friend. Well, after my call – about 6pm at this point – I was thoroughly exhausted and took Sid on a walk around the ‘hood to wind down. When I got back I realized I hadn’t fed Sid yet and quickly gave the poor guy what I thought was his well-deserved dinner. He devoured it in his usual madcap way, showing no sign that this meal was anything out of the ordinary.

Well, when Jenn got back, I explained how bad I felt because I didn’t give poor little Sid his dinner until close to 7pm when she then informed me that he already had had his dinner – at 5pm! Sid had been blessed with the rarely-occurring DOUBLE DINNER. This has only happened one other time in Sid’s life with us.

So, needless to say, that was why today was Sid’s Best Day Ever.

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  1. avatar Charles Says:

    Malcolm is also a sometimes recipient of the ‘double dinner’. they never seem to ‘own up to’ that first one.

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