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Sid Learns CSS

Sid has been begging me to make Pug Slope look better so he told me to get some books from the library. Look for some cosmetic updates to the site in the next few weeks (hopefully I can get them done before the book is due!). How do you like the new seasonal banner photo for a start?

The Little Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Family Day at Prospect Park

On Sunday, we were again greeted by amazing un-seasonably-warm weather for November (had we really left California?) so Prospect Park seemed the logical destination.

Ah...Prospect Park

We missed Jenn the last time Sid and I went to the park but this time the entire Demski crew was ready for a morning stroll. Sid insisted he wear his shark sweatshirt so that he’d look cool. Jenn donned her dark Ray-Ban sunglasses. Not requiring any accessory to increase coolness, I just went as is.

Sid showing off his shark sweatshirt

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Enough Already with the Vet

Sid recently started on a new regimen to combat his severe allergies to everything (more details coming soon), and up until today he had been doing well. But today all that changed when the Atopica, which does wonders for his skin, severely upset his stomach, causing him to lose both his breakfast, dinner, and whatever else was in his digestive system. After another visit to the emergency vet, where he got a shot of hydrating fluids and an anti-nausea medication, it seems he’s decided that we’ve been to the vet far too often this month. We whole-heartedly agree.

Cousin Leon

Last weekend, while Brian and Sid were lounging on the couch, I was in Fort Smith, Arkansas, visiting my beautiful goddaughter, Tabor.  She’s pretty darn cute, and as you can see below, she was really happy to see me:

But, did I mention she has a dog?

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Photo Flashback

Sid’s been camera shy the past few days, so here’s some highlights from the past year.

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Father Son Weekend

Jenn went to Arkansas to visit her childhood friend this weekend so the boys took over the apartment.

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